DNArray Medical Consultation | Rationale

The future of beauty is in your genes

In 2017, RATIONALE launched a ground-breaking, two-phase skin genetic test called DNArray, which forms the core of every medical skin consultation in our RATIONALE Flagship Clinics.

Non-invasively, we obtain a DNA sample from inside your cheek to identify specific genetic skin strengths and weaknesses. Based on results, we prescribe a targeted epigenetic skincare treatment plan.

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How it works 

Skin Consultation – Phase 1 (DNA + Data Collection, 45mins)
The first appointment involves meeting with your RATIONALE Skin Consultant to discuss your skin concerns, complete a genetic skin and lifestyle questionnaire and have your DNA collected (via cheek swab). Your RATIONALE Skin Consultant will also discuss your skin history with you, while giving your skin a thorough cleanse for analysis under magnification and using UV Diagnostic Imagery. Your appointment concludes with booking your second appointment for 2 weeks' time. Your DNA sample is then sent to a Laboratory for analysis. 

Skin Consultation - Phase 2 (DNArray Analysis + Prescription, 60mins)
Your second appointment involves discussing your unique DNArray results, and analysing your diagnostic UV images. Using this information, your Skin Consultant will map out a skincare prescription and treatment plan that is customised for your unique skin condition and concerns. The appointment concludes with a thorough cleanse of your skin, ending with a mini treatment using your prescribed actives.

The result is luminous skin for life. 

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