#2 The Light Crème

Our new supremely light Crème delivers Antioxidant nourishment and protection, for glowing hydration.

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Instant Incandescence

You can now book your in-Flagship Facial Treatment or Skin Consultation online.

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#2 Light Crème

Clinical Trial Results

At RATIONALE, we’re pleased to report the proportion of participants who observed the following improvements in their skin after use of #2 The Light Crème*

*Based on a 56-day trial with 21 participants.

reported ↑ hydration and moisturisation

reported ↑ firmness

reported ↑ rejuvenation and skin energy

reported ↑ even tone

Glowing Hydration

A proprietary Complex of Antioxidants, Vitamins and Botanical Extracts reanimates skin vitality and visibly calms the skin to reinstate a radiant, even tone.

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For all Faces, Ages and Stages of Life

#2 The Light Crème can be introduced in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, other Formulations in the #2 The Vitality Collection.

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