This comforting Skin Identical hydrator boasts innovative Ceramic Shield technology, providing a physical shield against pollution. 

Antioxidant Hydragel

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Introducing Luminary, Kathryn Khoo

After adopting her own skincare routine at four years of age, Khoo, the daughter of a dermatologist and nurse, and the granddaughter of an avid sunscreen user, cites multi-generational influence as the reason for her appreciation of skin vitality and her lifelong commitment to sun protection.

Those early learnings also sparked a drive in Khoo to carve out a career for herself as a Plastic Surgery + Cosmetic Nurse Specialist and Business Manager. It’s a unique profession that Khoo has defined over the past decade as she’s worked alongside Melbourne’s top plastic surgeons—and fostered her relationship with RATIONALE Founder Richard Parker.

Read more about 2019 Luminary, Kathryn, on the Journal.

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