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Introducing Antioxidant Hydragel

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Shella Martin and Ash Brewer doing makeup

A Day in the Life

Shella Martin

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Millie and Heather Herd

Mother's Day with Millie + Heather Herd

Perhaps it’s the respective careers of ex-model Heather, 59, and makeup artist Millie, 29, that have afforded them a natural ease in a studio setting, surrounded by a buzzing crew, imposing camera equipment and hot lights. Or perhaps it’s the sense that this mischievous duo is somehow ‘in on it’ together.

Another thing they’re in on? A shared appreciation for luminous skin. After all, it was Millie, the middle of Heather’s three daughters, that introduced her to RATIONALE after experiencing a radiant transformation in her own troublesome skin.

On the Journal, we caught up with the Adelaide-based family to talk tracksuits, tomboys and taking time to celebrate the strong women in their lives.

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