Australian Luxury Skincare

Since 1992, RATIONALE has been delivering Luminous Skin for Life with a luxurious suite of Formulations and Treatments that enlighten and transform. 

Lauded for our Signature Glow, a RATIONALE complexion is incomparable and instantly recognisable—taking your skin to a new level of radiance and youthful energy. 

Our Founder, Richard Parker

Cosmetic Chemist Richard Parker has dedicated his career to creating skincare Formulations that are considered the platinum standard. His pioneering research into the relationships between skin genetics and epigenetic environmental influences is recognised globally as the hallmark of radiant skin. 

Today, Parker remains dedicated to inspiring and directing the talented Team of RATIONALE Research scientists, distilling and expounding decades of definitive research and wisdom.

The Cornerstones of RATIONALE

Based on Richard’s unique and profound understanding of skin anatomy and physiology, RATIONALE’s three cornerstones express the luxury of science. 

The Six Pillars of Skin Health: this system of three collections for daytime protection, followed by three for overnight repair, provides all of the skin’s daily nutrients at the correct concentrations. 

Skin Identical Formulations: a revolutionary skincare paradigm, where formulations harness the same antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and lipids found naturally within the human body, to be intuitively recognised and optimised by skin.

Results-Driven Treatments: designed to inspire targeted results, each advanced Facial Treatment incorporates professional-grade Formulations alongside state-of-the-art modalities and techniques. 

The Science of Beauty

As Australian Skincare Scientists, we have more than three decades of experience dealing with the devastating effects of the sun. And more specifically, the knowledge that 80% of facial ageing is caused by the sun.

From our world-leading Research Laboratories outside Melbourne, we combine superlative Australian solar research with proprietary Skin Identical technology to create Formulations that work synergistically with skin—and each other. The result is unparalleled environmental skin protection and repair, and Luminous Skin for Life. 

Discover RATIONALE Research


Since its inception, RATIONALE has been favoured by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, beauty editors, and celebrities alike. 

The key is our ability to achieve perfect synchronicity between active ingredients, Formulations and your skin. An unprecedented level of efficacy and elegance is reflected in a dewy radiance that glows from within. 

The Road to Radiance

Just as everyone’s skin is unique, each RATIONALE Ritual of professionally prescribed Formulations is, too. Featuring at least one offering from each of our Essential Six Collections, your RATONALE Ritual activates a personalised pathway to optimal skin health and radiance. 

There is an avenue to commence or continue your RATIONALE journey for every skin type and season of life. Inside our RATIONALE Flagships and online, our expert team of dedicated Skin Therapists offer enlightening skincare consultations, personalised RATIONALE Ritual prescriptions and ongoing Ritual reviews. 

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