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The Research Papers

Welcome to our online platform dedicated to showcasing RATIONALE's exclusive findings, reaffirming our role as a prominent Research Company in the skincare industry. Here, you can explore in-depth information and delve into the pivotal discoveries emerging from our ongoing series of published studies, research papers, and much more.

Research Paper 0: The Assessment of Skin Rejuvenation using Solar Protection and Solar Repair.

Professor Yohei Tanaka, MD

Long-term objective assessments of skin rejuvenation using solar protection and solar repair are shown through digital facial surface analysis and three-dimensional volumetric assessment.
18 patients aged 22 to 70 years.
RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition for 12 months.
94% of participants were satisfied with the results. Participants observed significant enhancements in skin texture, tone, luminosity, and volume.

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Paper 0 Summary
RATIONALE Founder and Director, Richard Parker

Research Paper 01: Up-regulated expression of ICAM1, PTG52, LCE3D, PPARD, and GM-CSF2 following solar skincare protection and repair strategies in a 3-dimensional reconstructed human skin model.

Professor Yohei Tanaka, MD

RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition

In this research, 67 genes responsible for skin health were upregulated—including genes responsible for …

Barrier defence by 278% 
Antioxidant protection by 86,000%
Solar and environmental protection by 389%
Barrier repair by 409%
pH recalibration by 142%
Cellular turnover by 1,251%

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Paper 01 Summary RATIONALE Founder and Director, Richard Parker