The culmination of three decades of relentless dedication: RATIONALE Research represents our continued commitment to your skin health, ensuring our pioneering Formulations and Treatments continue to set a new benchmark in skincare excellence.

Research Paper 0: The Assessment of Skin Rejuvenation using Solar Protection and Solar Repair

Published Title: Long-Term Objective Assessments of Skin Rejuvenation Using Solar Protection and Solar Repair Shown Through Digital Facial Surface Analysis and Three-Dimensional Volumetric Assessment 

Professor Yohei Tanaka, MDc

This paper assesses the impact our Formulations have on solar project and solar repair on this skin, specifically the Essential Six Signature Edition.

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Research Paper 01: Examining the Impact of Solar Protection and Repair Skincare on Skin Health-Related Genes

Published Title: Up-Regulated Expression of ICAM1, PTG52, LCE3D, PPARD, and GM-CSF2 Following Solar Skincare Protection and Repair Strategies in a 3-Dimensional Reconstructed Human Skin Model.

Professor Yohei Tanaka, MD

This paper focuses on the 67 genes responsible for skin health. Richard Parker explains the impact the Essential Six Signature Edition were proven to have.

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Research Paper 02: Facial Appearance Improvements and Gene Expression Changes with Topical Formulation for DNA Damage Repair

Published Title: In Vivo Improvements in Facial Appearanceand In Vitro Changes in Gene Expression Using a Topical Formulation Designed to Repair Environmentally Induced DNA Damage.

Amaryllis Aganahi, Richard Parker, Professor Yohei Tanaka, MD

This paper focuses on the nightly repair of sun damage and skin improvements using #6 The Night Crème.

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Research Paper 03: Assessing the Photoprotective Ability of Coloured Iron Oxides in Tinted Sunscreens against Ultraviolet, Visible Light and Near-Infrared Radiation

Published Title: Novel Low Viscosity Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides and Erioglaucine Sunscreen Potential to Protect from Ultraviolet, Visible Light and Near-Infrared Radiation.

Professor Yohei Tanaka MD, Richard Parker, Amaryllis Aganahi and Ailen Pedroso.

This Research Paper explores whether a combination of iron oxides,erioglaucineand zinc oxide is best to block light across the Solar spectrum.

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