#1 The Crème

#1 The Crème



The Resilience Collection 

Resilience. Intuition. Limitless Potential. 

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The Story

Elevating skin’s precious, natural fortitude, #1 The Crème is a sumptuous hydrator for morning or evening. Skin is replenished, capable of expressing infinite luminosity and joy.  

Calmness and strength are nurtured. Radiance is revealed.  

The Promise

Skin is nourished with deep hydration.

Natural resilience is amplified.

Firmness and elasticity are enhanced.

Youthful radiance reawakened.

The Ritual

Smooth gently over face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands. 

Use in synergy with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for remarkable skin luminosity. 

To discover how to introduce this formulation into your RATIONALE Ritual, connect with our Team of Online Skin Consultants. 

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The Science

Synthesis of the skin’s own intercellular barrier lipids, composed of ceramides, triglycerides and cholesterol, is directed by signalling peptides and reinforced by amino acids and B-Group vitamins.