The Platinum Consultation

Future-proof your skin with a customised RATIONALE Ritual based on your skin’s genetic blueprint.

The Platinum Consultation empowers your RATIONALE Genetic Skin Consultant to tailor a precise prescription of skincare actives and treatment elements, using your genetic code—in combination with genetic strengths and weaknesses—to prevent skin ageing like never before. 

“We thought our genetic blueprint was inevitable and unchangeable—that what you were born with is what you will become. Now we know better."

- Richard Parker, Founder and Director of Research at RATIONALE

What to Expect

This sophisticated, two-phase consultation provides a thorough understanding of your skin's genetic blueprint, resulting in a Skincare Prescription and Treatment Plan to treat both your genetics (what you’re born with) and epigenetic (what you can influence) skin goals.


Phase One: DNA Collection
75 minutes
The Platinum Skin Consultation begins with a detailed discussion about your skin history and your current skincare ritual. A RATIONALE Skin Therapist will then perform a double cleanse and skin analysis using UV Diagnostic Technology to analyse the deeper layers of your skin. A buccal swab is then collected from the cheek, which will be used to generate a DNA Report that highlights your skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses. This experience concludes with a hydrating mini-Treatment.

Phase Two: DNA Decoded
90 minutes
A RATIONALE Skin Therapist will provide a comprehensive analysis of the findings from your DNA Report (genetics), while assessing your UV Diagnostic Images (epigenetics). This results in a customised Skincare Ritual and Treatment Plan tailored to your skin’s unique needs. This experience concludes with a luxurious 30-minute Facial Treatment—tailored to your skin’s genetic needs.

“The best part of being able to offer a skin DNA test to Clients is that it allows our Genetic Skin Specialists to curate a unique skincare prescription for all skin types. It’s the most specialised, profound way you can experience our Signature Glow—and Luminous Skin for Life.”

- Katie Matten, Global Head of Education at RATIONALE

What Are We Testing?

Understanding Your UV Diagnostic Images

Our Genetic Skin Specialists use UV Diagnostic Technology to measure the appearance and health of your skin at the surface, as well as the deeper levels, revealing eight areas that affect your skin’s appearance. This allows us to analyse skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, damage, redness, congestion and wrinkles.

The Platinum Facial

Unlocking the ultimate personalised Treatment Plan.

Directed by the findings of The RATIONALE Platinum Consultation, this elite Facial unlocks the entire suite of RATIONALE Treatment elements—empowering your Therapist to customise a limitless sequence of modalities and Active Ingredients to enhance your skin’s genetic potential. 

Skin enlightenment of the most profound kind.

90mins - $390

The Platinum DNA Formulation

A new paradigm in personalised skincare and service.

The Platinum DNA Formulation is an entirely bespoke product to realize your skin’s genetic potential, while elevating your Essential Six Ritual.

Available exclusively to Clients who have completed The RATIONALE Platinum Consultation.