Understanding Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

Everything you need to know about nourishing your dry or dehydrated skin this winter.

Everything you need to know about nourishing your skin this winter

The contrast of cool weather, harsh winds, and heated environments can lead to both dehydration and the feeling of dryness. 

A common misconception is that dehydration and dryness are interchangeable terms which describe the same conditions found in human skin. While they seem similar, these terms do differ…


Dehydration describes a lack of water in the skin, and requires hydration from water-soluble actives to both replenish and retain water.

Dehydrated skin clogged by oil often remains dull, lacklustre in complexion and can feel uncomfortably tight.

#1 The Hydragel

This waterlight gel delivers fortifying nutrients which support the skin’s self-protective processes. With a unique complex of B-Group Vitamins, it cools, hydrates, and supports skin barrier function. 

Designed as the first facet of your morning ritual, followed by formulations from #2 The Vitality Collection and #3 The Brilliance Collection

Suitable for all skin types, yet ideal for those with sensitivities. 

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#3 The Enriched Crème SPF15

This supremely soft crème nourishes the skin, provides anti-inflammatory support and calms redness from artificial heating.

The third facet of your morning ritual, this crème should be applied prior to #3 Tinted Serum SPF50+

Suitable for all skin types, yet ideal for skin that desires calmness, comfort, and added nourishment. 

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Dryness, by contrast, means a lack of oil in the skin, and requires moisturisation from oil-soluble actives to replenish and bolster its delicate lipid membrane. 

Dry skin that is hydrated but not sufficiently moisturised will still flake, irritate easily and present with a rough texture.

#4 The Cleanser

A luxurious crème formulation, #4 The Cleanser inundates the skin with Ceramides and Lipids which deeply nourish and prepare the skin for night-time actives.

To be applied after #4 The PreCleanse Balm or to clean, dry skin.

It’s suitable, and ideal, for all skin types.

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#4 The Crème

A rich, velvety formulation, #4 The Crème reinforces ceramides and lipids within the skin to deliver a megadose of moisture. 

To be used as the final step of your evening ritual or in the morning prior to applying SPF. 

Suitable for all skin types, and especially those who desire added nourishment. 

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