Our Founder, Richard Parker

“My source of inspiration is always human skin. It is my research library. My guiding light.” 

– Richard Parker, RATIONALE Founder

Since 1992, Cosmetic Chemist Richard Parker has dedicated his career to creating skincare formulations that are considered the platinum standard in protecting and restoring skin’s natural luminosity and beauty.

His pioneering research into the relationships between skin genetics and epigenetic environmental influences led to Parker’s development of the RATIONALE Essential Six Collections—a daily skincare ritual built upon the six facets of skin vitality and radiance.
In 2012, Parker pioneered a new skincare paradigm, with the introduction of our revolutionary Skin Identical technology; formulations intuitively recognised and optimised by human skin.

Based on Parker’s profound understanding of skin anatomy and physiology, the Essential Six Collections offer superlative Resilience, Vitality and Brilliance by day, and rejuvenate skin’s Integrity, Clarity and Renewal processes each night.

Today, Parker remains dedicated to inspiring and directing the talented Team of research scientists, distilling decades of research and wisdom at RATIONALE HQ. A classically trained pianist and cellist, Richard is also passionately immersed in the world of art and culture, and was an accomplished performer and musical educator prior his entry into the world of dermatological research.

Richard loves nothing more than spending time at home with his husband Greg and their son Ezra, or dining together at their favourite restaurant, Midnight Starling, in Kyneton, regional Victoria.