Our CEO, Shamini Rajarethnam

“Richard Parker’s vision has never been about making people look younger—he’s always held that women and men need to feel beautiful and confident at any age and RATIONALE can do that. I’ve merely upheld that sentiment and goal. We apply it to all the decisions we make.”

– Shamini Rajarethnam, RATIONALE CEO

Shamini Rajarethnam is the CEO of Australian luxury skincare company RATIONALE, a position she has held since 2017.

Under her leadership, RATIONALE has achieved significant commercial growth and success, evolving from a medically-aligned business sold exclusively through Dermatologists, to now boasting fourteen Flagship locations across Australia and two international locations in Singapore.

Shamini began her career with RATIONALE as Digital Marketing Coordinator in 2011. From here, her career path progressed quickly as she gained exposure to many diverse facets of the business, from talent development and branding, to strategic operations.

She is a passionate advocate for women in business, appearing regularly on panels and in the media to offer a unique perspective on her role as a CEO—particularly on the topics of ageism in the broader industry, the perception versus realities of being a CEO and her unorthodox—and rapid—professional trajectory.

Shamini is an unapologetic culture creator and protector, and takes great pride in the strong relationships and teams she has developed within the RATIONALE business.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Arts (Linguistics) and a Masters of Commerce.

Shamini lives in Melbourne with her young family, where they enjoy outings to local cafés and parks, and visit the zoo and museum as often as they can.