Introducing #1 The Hydragel and #6 The GelCrème

RATIONALE is delighted to introduce not one but two new formulations into the Essential Six Collections: #1 The Hydragel and #6 The GelCrème.

#1 The Hydragel is a waterlight, cooling formulation which delivers fortifying nutrients to support the skin’s natural self-protective processes, restoring comfort and calmness as it amplifies hydration levels and reduces sensitivity. A revolutionary new B-Group Vitamin Complex supports skin resilience, in synergy with Skin Identical antioxidants, proteins and supported by anti-inflammatory rich botanical extracts including Betaine, Allantoin and Glycyrrhetinic Acid.

#6 The GelCrème is a rejuvenating overnight formulation which gently supports skin’s renewal processes, restoring a visibly reanimated appearance by morning. For skin that does not easily tolerate topical Retinoids (Vitamin A), a gentle botanical alternative known as Bakuchiol, when combined with DNA Repair Enzymes, can assist in restoring cellular repair processes, helping to reverse signs of environmental damage, restoring skin plumpness, firmness and luminosity.

“The creation of #1 The Hydragel and #6 The GelCrème empowers us with highly effective, elegant new technologies to assist those with reactive skin conditions, assuring clarity, calmness and the gift of radiance restored.”

- Richard Parker, Founder and Director of RATIONALE Research

These sophisticated new advances are the latest additions to the Resilience and Renewal Collections, delivering radiant skin from dawn till dusk as they mark the first and final steps in a RATIONALE Essential Six Ritual.

#1 The Hydragel 100ml / RRP $190
#6 The GelCrème 50g / RRP $195

For further information and all media enquiries, please contact: Hélène Pappas, Head of Brand