Grounded in meticulous research, the enhanced Formulation uplifts firmness, visibly hydrates and reanimates luminosity by promoting cellular turnover with a proprietary Vitamin A Complex—now including retinol and retinal. As the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is improved, sustained hydration is delivered throughout the night.

From Richard Parker: The Evolution of #6 The Night Crème

The Results


noticed an uplift in skin’s firmness.


reported visible skin hydration.


witnessed improved radiance.

Based on a 28-day independent trial with 21 participants.

What Has Evolved?


Additional soothing active ingredients for heightened efficacy.


Prototypes developed and tested.


Hours invested in research formulating, testing and refining.

Upgraded Vitamin A Complex: now including retinol and retinal.  

Heightened DNA Repair Complex.  

Additional Calming Complex integration.  

Those Behind the Reformulation

A team of five Research Chemists, led by our Founder and Director of Research, Richard Parker, collaborated at RATIONALE HQ to develop the new #6 The Night Crème.

Over 800 hours was invested into identifying active ingredients, reviewing texture, testing stability and packaging compatibility to deliver this superlative Formulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is #6 The Night Crème changing?

This significant development is the outcome of our unwavering pursuit of excellence and dedication to delivering Formulations of the highest quality. The Evolution of #6 The Night Crème is poised to establish a new benchmark in skincare, supercharging skin’s nightly rejuvenation and renewal.

Does this Formulation still contain the same Vitamin A Complex and Retinol?

The evolution of our beloved #6 The Night Crème has been boosted by a powerful new Vitamin A Complex that still includes Retinol, in addition, we have also bolstered the efficacy of this Formulation with actives that support collagen and elastin synthesis to improve skin firmness.

What are the key active ingredients in the new #6 The Night Crème Formula?

#6 The Night Crème combines two variants of vitamin A within a proprietary Vitamin A Complex. This is accompanied by an advanced DNA Repair Complex and Calming Complex to visibly firm, rejuvenate, and reveal a radiant, even complexion.

I have sensitive skin; can I use this Formulation?

For individuals with sensitive skin, we recommend starting with #6 The GelCrème as a mild introduction to active ingredients that promote cellular turnover. After 4-6 weeks, gradually introduce #6 The Night Crème, using it 1-2 times per week initially. Adjust the frequency based on your skin's appearance and comfort level. 

Does the new Formulation feel different on the skin?

Yes. This formulation boasts a significantly richer composition, delivering unparalleled nourishment and heightened support for skin hydration.

What potential change might occur in the hue of #6 The Night Crème over time?

The hue of #6 The Night Crème may subtly evolve over time as result of Formulation’s natural oxidation process. It's worth noting that this alteration in coloration does not compromise the effectiveness or quality of the Formulation.