#1 The Mask

#1 The Mask



The Resilience Collection 

Resilience. Intuition. Limitless Potential. 

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The Story

Revitalising ritual and intensive nourishment come together in this luxe treatment mask—its application inviting moments of quiet restoration; its formulation offering deep hydration and an instant lift in luminosity.

The Promise

Intuitive resilience is rekindled.

Skin is hydrated, imparting supreme suppleness.

Calmness is restored.

Firmness and elasticity enhanced. 

The Ritual

Apply a generous layer to clean, dry skin. 

Allow mask to infuse for 20 minutes.  

Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. 

Gently pat dry and follow with your recommended RATIONALE Essential Six formulations. 

Perform once weekly for remarkable skin luminosity. 

To discover how to introduce this formulation into your RATIONALE Ritual, connect with our Team of Online Skin Consultants. 

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The Science

B-Group vitamins, electrolytes and hydroscopic protein structures reinforce vital skin barrier function, enhancing cell-to-cell communication and surface hydration.