What is The Décolletage Crème; And Why Do I Need It?

We explore the benefits of this supremely nourishing cream, unravelling why it's the missing element in your skincare Ritual.

Your Face Stops At Your Chest

The delicate skin on our décolletage has fewer sebaceous glands than our face. Without these natural emollients, the skin dries out more quickly, making it more vulnerable to daily harm from the sun, wind, cold, and pollution.

Enter: The Décolletage Crème.

The Research

The décolletage, often overlooked in skincare, is uniquely vulnerable to the detrimental effects of sun exposure and environmental aggressors. These factors contribute to its susceptibility to dehydration, dryness, sensitivity, and UV damage.

Recognising these nuances in comparison to face, RATIONALE has meticulously crafted a specialised Formulation to complement your Essential Six Ritual. This tailored approach not only addresses these concerns but also results in a décolletage that exudes radiance, boasting a more even tone and enhanced luminosity

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“Actively protecting and hydrating your décolletage daily can effectively help mitigate the effects of daily solar and environmental damage, promoting a more nourished and brighter complexion.”

Ellie Bowley, Training and Coursework Designer.

The Science

Drawing upon the anti-inflammatory properties of RATIONALE’s B-Group Vitamin Complex, The Decolletage Crème fortifies the delicate skin barrier of the neck and décolletage, visibly brightening the skin tone. Complementing this, vitamin E provides robust antioxidant defence, shielding this sensitive area from environmental aggressors.

Lactic acid contributes to refining skin clarity across the neck and décolletage by promoting cellular turnover, while amino acids play a pivotal role in enhancing hydration and reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier function. Together, these elements synergistically optimise overall skin health, ensuring a décolletage that radiates vitality and beauty.

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