The Introductory Facial Treatments

Discover unparalleled luminosity, delivered in absolute luxury. For a limited time, new Clients can indulge in three Facial Treatments at special reward pricing.

Choose from three Signature Facial Treatments for the special price of $185 (valued at $260 and $270). 

The Integrity Restorative Facial

The perfect Facial to soothe and strengthen dry, impaired skin.

Benefits: Soothes, nourishes, fortifies skin barrier integrity.

Suitable: For all skin types, great for those with sensitive skin.

Includes: An exclusively hands-on Treatment incorporating lymphatic massage, a tailored ampoule of hydrating Active ingredients and nourishing mask.

Duration: 60 mins

The PhotoGenic Resilience Facial

A strengthening Facial to restore clarity and visibly calm the complexion.

Benefits: Strengthens, calms, restores clarity.

Suitable: For all skin types, ideal for those with breakout-prone skin.

Includes: A proprietary Vitamin mask, micro-circulatory massage techniques and LED.

Duration: 60 mins

The CryoGenic Resilience Facial

A cooling Facial to instantly soothe and restore a calm, radiant tone.

Benefits: Soothes, cools, clarifies complexion.

Suitable: For all skin types, ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Includes: LED Light Therapy and our signature skin-cooling technology.

Duration: 60 mins