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Immunologist UltraCreme
Soft, Supple Skin
Deeply hydrates, locks in moisture and provides vital immune protection during the day.
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Immunologist UltraCreme

Deeply hydrates and replenishes the skin's natural lipid barrier and locks in moisture with a Skin Identical complex of Ceramides and Lipids. Enriched with Peptides and a Complex of B-Group Vitamins to strengthen skin immunity, reduce sensitivity and protect against solar-induced damage. Australian SolarProtective Botanicals amplify the skin’s natural solar defence mechanisms and provide vital Antioxidant protection during the day.

  • Instantly boosts epidermal and dermal hydration

  • Firms the skin, increasing elasticity

  • Treats and alleviates dryness, tightness, redness, rough texture, sensitivity and uneven skin tone

  • Silky formula provides deep hydration leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and supple

  1. Smooth gently over face, neck, décolletage and back of hands each morning.

  2. Use in conjunction with your prescribed RATIONALE Essential Six formulas for maximum daily protection and rejuvenation.

If you are unsure about how this product fits in to your RATIONALE skincare routine, our expert Team of Online Skin Consultants is here to help.

Active Ingredients

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

  • Prevents photo-immunosuppression

  • Inhibits melanin transfer to surface layers of the skin

  • Provides powerful anti-inflammatory properties

  • Reduces skin redness, sensitivity + irritation

  • Strengthens the skin’s immune system + barrier function

  • Increases skin hydration

  • Regulates sebum production, balancing combination skin

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

  • Provides intensive moisturisation for the skin

  • Stimulates healthy collagen production

  • Essential in the regeneration process of skin cells

  • Promotes the growth of fibroblasts

  • Protects against solar induced DNA damage

Ceramides + Lipids

  • Replenish the skin’s intercellular matrix

  • Fortifies barrier function

  • Improves stratum corneum hydration

  • Prevents Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL)

Starflower Oil (Borago Officinalis)

  • Nature’s richest known source of omega-6 essential fatty acids

  • Delivers ultimate skin hydration

  • Immediately restores skin lipid barrier function

  • Potent anti-inflammatory properties which soothe skin sensitivity

Amino Acids + Acetyl Hexapeptide-37

  • Provides nutrients to skin cells

  • Proliferates fibroblasts

  • Helps retain skin moisture

  • Peptides encourage protein synthesis

  • Assists in the restoration of the structure of the skin

Australian SolarProtective Botanicals

  • Fortifies natural solar defences within the skin

  • Provides high dose Antioxidants

  • Prevents against free radical damage