DNA Eye Cream
Re-firms + Rejuvenates
This nourishing overnight formula hydrates and targets signs of sun damage around the sensitive eye area.
Skin Conditions
Vitamin A helps to increase skin cell renewal, preventing congestion around the delicate eye area and refining skin texture. DNA Repair Enzymes repair damage to cells caused by breakout, minimising the risk of pigmentation and scarring. Australian SolarRepair Botanicals work to reduce inflammation and balance sebum production to prevent breakouts.
Dry Skin
Vitamin A helps to rejuvenate dry and sun damaged skin. Ceramides augment skin moisturisation and boost skin barrier protection. Firming peptides help to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Baobab Pulp Extract delivers Essential Fatty Acid replenishment to skin cells and DNA Repair Enzymes work to repair damage caused to vulnerable, dry skin. Australian SolarRepair Botanicals enhance the skin’s natural solar rejuvenation process.
A triple complex of Vitamin A reprograms cellular pigmentation synthesis to break down pigmentation in the skin and prevent its formation. DNA Repair Enzymes repair and reverse the effects of sun exposure, targeting hyperpigmentation. Australian SolarRepair Botanicals increase natural solar repair processes and help to reduce pigmentation as a result of sun exposure.
Vitamin A encourages the elasticity of vascular networks which prevent against capillary damage. Ceramides rehydrate the skin and firming Peptides help to prevent against fine lines and wrinkles. DNA Repair Enzymes work to repair damage caused by inflammation. Australian SolarRepair Botanicals reduce inflammation and irritation within the skin.
Vitamin A gently rejuvenates compromised skin in the delicate eye area with a time-dose release; ensuring the skin only takes what it needs as it needs it. Ceramides rehydrate the skin and Peptides gently firm the sensitive eye area. DNA Repair Enzymes work to repair damage caused to sensitive or sensitised skin. Australian SolarRepair Botanicals reduce inflammation and irritation within the skin.
Sun Damage
Vitamin A and Baobab Pulp Extract re-firm and rejuvenate skin cells, stimulating collagen production to prevent against fine lines and wrinkles. Ceramides provide skin hydration and Peptides increase skin elasticity, firming the delicate eye area. DNA Repair Enzymes work to repair DNA damage caused by the sun in order to reverse the effects of pigmentation and ageing. Australian SolarRepair Botanicals help boost solar repair processes within the skin.
Purple Letter D

DNA Eye Cream

This nourishing overnight formula re-firms and rejuvenates signs of solar-induced DNA damage with Vitamin A and DNA Repair Enzymes, while Australian SolarRepair Botanicals initiate cellular regeneration processes. Skin-firming Peptides, moisture-multiplying Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides nourish, firm and hydrate skin from within.

  • Firms and rejuvenates

  • Targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles, inflammation, dryness and loss of elasticity

  • Reactivates vital skin enzymes responsible for keeping eye area smooth, bright and firm

  • Luxurious cream formula effortlessly glides on and is safe to use to the lash-line

  • Soothes and hydrates under-eye area for boosted nourishment by morning

  1. As the last step of your RATIONALE night-time prescription, apply RATIONALE DNA Eye Cream around the orbital eye contour using your ring finger for reduced pressure.

If you are unsure about how this product fits in to your RATIONALE skincare routine, our expert Team of Online Skin Consultants is here to help.

Active Ingredients

Vitamin A (Retinol)

  • Treats and prevents fine lines + wrinkles

  • Re-firms and rejuvenates the skin 

  • Restores healthy cell turnover 

DNA Repair Enzymes

  • Supplement the skin's own DNA repair capacity 

  • Identifies, excises + corrects damaged DNA 

  • Encourages quality DNA replication

  • Reverses the damaging effects of UV exposure

  • Targets signs of sun damage before they appear

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 + Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Strengthens elasticity in the skin, firming the eye area

  • Anti-oedema active (reduces puffiness)

Ceramides + Sphingosines

  • Delivers hydration to the stratum corneum

  • Augments the skin’s own liquid crystal array

  • Provides optimal hydration and optical luminosity

Baobab Pulp Extract

  • Powerful Antioxidant properties 

  • Protects against free radical damage

  • Firms and defends against fine lines + wrinkles

  • Delivers essential Omega 3, 6, 9 Fatty Acids

Australian SolarRepair Botanicals

  • Fortifies capillary walls

  • Enhances lymphatic drainage

  • Increase microcirculation of the delicate under-eye tissue

  • Brightens dark circles

  • Prevents lack-lustre complexion