DNArray Medical Consultation

The Future of Beauty is in Your Genes.

Genetics are the blueprint of life we’re born with, handed down to us by our parents. Until recently, we thought this masterplan was inevitable and unchangeable. But now we know better: our genes can be influenced.

The science of these triggers is called Epigenetics (literally meaning “above genetics”). Everything we do throughout life – from our diet, behaviours and habits to our choice of skincare - is proving to be the most important determinants of gene expression.

In 2017, Rationale launched a ground-breaking, two-phase skin genetic test called DNArray, which forms the core of every medical skin consultation in our Rationale Flagship Clinics.

Noninvasively, we obtain a DNA sample from inside your cheek to identify specific genetic skin strengths and weaknesses. Based on results, we prescribe a targeted epigenetic skincare plan.

The result is luminous skin for life.


Skin Consultation – Phase 1 (DNA + Data Collection, 45mins) 
The first appointment involves meeting with your Rationale Skin Consultant to discuss your skin concerns, complete a genetic skin and lifestyle questionnaire and have your DNA collected (via cheek swab). Your Rationale Skin Consultant will also discuss your skin history with you, while giving your skin a thorough cleanse for analysis under magnification and using UV Diagnostic Imagery. Your appointment concludes with booking of your second appointment for 2 weeks time. Your DNA sample is then sent to a DNA Lab for DNArray Testing, to analyse alongside your genetic questionnaire responses.

Skin Consultation - Phase 2 (DNArray Analysis + Prescription, 60mins)
Your second appointment involves discussing your unique DNArray results, and analysing your diagnostic UV images. Using this information, your Skin Consultant will map out a skincare prescription and treatment plan that is customised for your unique skin condition and concerns. The appointment concludes with a thorough cleanse of your skin, ending with a mini treatment using your prescribed actives.

RATIONALE DNARRAY CONSULTATION™ is available exclusively at our Rationale Flagship Skin Clinics (Woollahra - NSW, Mosman- NSW, Toorak - VIC, Melbourne Emporium - VIC + Brisbane - QLD, Subiaco - WA)

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