The Sound Effect

Finding a Perfect Musical Accompaniment for the RATIONALE Treatment Experience

Finding a Perfect Musical Accompaniment for the RATIONALE Treatment Experience

What was it that made your last facial so memorable?

Was it the afterglow? The sharper features and brighter eyes?

That special sort of magic that comes from a combination of rhythmic massage, a heated bed, the warming glow of an LED lamp, and the friendly reassurance from your therapist: “don’t worry, it’s a good thing if you fall asleep”?

These are just some of the things that spring to mind when we think about those magical, counting-down-the-days moments in our calendar.

In the serene space of the treatment room, every sensory aspect has been carefully considered and fine-tuned to gently comfort the senses: the darkened room to relax the eyes, the opening inhalations using aromatic formulations, the power of touch—expertly dispensed from the hands of our therapists… 

But there’s a new sensory element to our treatment offering which we’ve spent many months researching, contemplating, trialing and refining: sound.

A passion project of Founder Richard Parker for many years, it has long been Parker’s desire to curate a playlist that matched the experiential nature of our treatments. After many hours of research—a real labour of love for classically trained Parker—he discovered the work of British-German composer, Max Richter.

Specifically, it was Richter’s landmark, 8.5 hour composition, Sleep, which captivated him.

“The Sleep suite could not be a more perfect complement for our treatments,” Parker says. “Richter has selected frequencies and keys designed to put the listener into a delta mind state—this is the most relaxing and restorative state for the human brain. It’s the state we call ‘deep sleep,’ where the most healing and rejuvenation can take place in the mind and body. With this transformative music, our Clients will emerge from their treatments profoundly relaxed and completely re-energised.”

In his own words, Richter conceived Sleep as a “personal lullaby for a frenetic world…a manifesto for a slower pace of existence” and “a protest against our relentlessly ‘switched on’ lives.” 

In pairing Richter’s masterpiece with our own transformative treatments, we hope to offer our Clients exactly this. Promising so much more than their radiance-boosting skin benefits, we regard the treatment experience as an ultimate act of self-care: one that can only be completely understood through experience, where the participant is invited to float somewhere between heightened sensory awareness and blissful detachment from the rest of the world.

We cannot wait to share this experience with you during your next visit, and, in the meantime, we invite you to experience Richter’s mesmerizing musical dreamscapes for yourself.



Words by Caroline Thomas

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