Do I need to be on The Essential Six Signature Edition?

Answering our most commonly asked question. Do I need to be on The RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition?

Answering our most commonly asked question

Signature by name and by nature, it is impossible to think—let alone talk— about RATIONALE without mentioning The Essential Six Signature Edition. And whilst it has been the pathway to Luminous Skin for Life for some, it is a common misconception that it is the only road to radiance for all. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, let’s rewind the clock to revisit the origin of this signature ritual, and why our Skin Therapists now prescribe a personalised approach.

In the beginning…

After years of research, RATIONALE Founder Richard Parker pioneered a skincare philosophy never seen in the skincare industry or the world of dermatological research. Born upon Richard’s profound knowledge of human skin, The Six Pillars of Skin Health became the cornerstone of RATIONALE. What ensued was The Essential Six Signature Edition, a system of Formulations used daily to unlock lifelong luminosity. Three Formulations in the morning offer immune, antioxidant, and solar protection, while three in the evening offer barrier, pH, and DNA repair. Streamlined and seamless, this superlative system of skincare soon reached must-have status amongst those in the know.

Evolving the Essential Six

With continuing evolutions in the science of skincare, and emergent skin conditions, RATIONALE Research recognised that while The Six Pillars of Skin Health remain, the prescriptions needed to vary—reflecting a personalised approach for each individual’s skin type and concerns.

“The Research and Development Team at RATIONALE identified that complete skin health was not being achieved if one or more of the six Formulations was not being used daily,” says Ellie Bowley, Assistant Education Manager. “This inspired The Essential Six Collections and the renaming of ‘The Essential Six’ to ‘The Essential Six Signature Edition,” she adds. 

The Essential Six Collections allows for alternative Formulations that are suitable for all skin types and concerns—think: sebaceous, dehydrated, dry, rosacea-prone, sensitised and sensitive—to be prescribed

Final thoughts…

Not everyone needs to be on The Essential Six Signature Edition. “Today, each RATIONALE Ritual is unique to the individual,” says Ellie. “Those who find themselves using The Essential Six Signature Edition will do so because those particular Formulations are most suitable to their skin type—classed as resilient. Those with varying skin conditions will be prescribed their own unique ritual comprised of at least one Formulation from each The Essential Six Collections.”


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