Meet Dr Joseph Hkeik

Aesthetic Physician + RATIONALE Luminary

Dr Joseph Hkeik, RATIONALE Luminary

There’s a certain something we love about getting a glimpse inside the daily rituals of those we admire. Seeking inspiration for the perfect morning routine, we asked RATIONALE Luminary and aesthetic physician of more than 20 years, Dr Joseph Hkeik, how he starts his day: “Generally speaking, my early mornings are very sacred Joseph-time,” says the Founder of All Saint Skin Clinic, “I spend the first hour of every day very quietly with no devices, generally no talking, and a cup of good coffee in hand.”

Perhaps it’s this gentle start to the day which has been the secret to Joseph’s success, having earnt himself a stellar clientele of celebrities and industry veterans alike, who routinely call on Joseph at one of his three elegant All Saint locations for his unique brand of natural beauty and impeccable care.

But besides days filled with high-profile clients and glamourous events, spending a little time with Joseph will reveal that it’s a peaceful life, close to family and the grounding influence of nature, which he loves most…

Home has meant everything to us over the past 12 months. Where do you call home?

At the moment, Sydney is home for me. But if I had to leave for some reason, Paris would be my next choice.

In a pre-COVID world, we know you were the quite the keen traveller. Where do you turn to now for a sense of escape?

Before Covid I was regularly on the road, usually going on around six trips a year. These trips would often involve teaching and I’d make multiple stops around Europe, particularly in either Paris or London. Since I haven’t been able to travel, I’ve instead been spending time in the Southern Highlands, at my place in the peaceful setting of Bowral.

Step us through your morning and evening routines.

After my first hour of the day, where I generally like to keep things quiet and not look at any devices, I head to the gym most mornings. I tend to focus on resistance training, as well as the occasional yoga or meditation session. I follow that with breakfast, either at home or at my mother’s house, when I’m visiting All Saint Clinic in Parramatta. I get ready for work and aim to be at the clinic by 9am.

Once I arrive, it’s emails, looking through my appointments for the day, meeting with my team, then seeing my first client at 10 o’clock.

My evenings are totally different. I use the hour after I finish work to make a few phone calls on my drive home, respond to any client calls and occasionally catch up with a friend or two along the way.

When I get home, I love to cook, so my evening usually starts in the kitchen, followed by a bit of television, maybe a few emails and catch up on some reading. I go to bed quite early.

Besides your daily skincare, what is another ritual of yours?

An important ritual for me is to call my mother every morning for a quick chat, even if I’m going to her place that day.

You’ve been an admirable RATIONALE advocate for many years now, how did you first come to know about the Brand?

My work as an aesthetic physician involves doing a lot of research, and along the way I discovered RATIONALE when I read about the formulations in various industry magazines. I put it on my wishlist for when I would eventually acquire the Double Bay practice, as I recognised the synergy between the Brand and All Saint Clinic. As a luxury Brand, RATIONALE is well-suited to the All Saints experience, and it’s also very effective, delivering brilliant results for so many of our clients.

What do you see as your biggest achievement?

My highest high and the biggest achievement of my career has been launching All Saint Clinic in Double Bay. I’d already spent 15 years in the industry, and my aim was to build a strong All Saints community of loyal customers who wanted to become the best versions of themselves. That is something I am very proud to have achieved.

With the opening of my Double Bay clinic, I was able to combine everything that I had learnt in the world of aesthetics, as well as giving me the opportunity to collaborate with interior designer Blainey North to create the inspiring concept that it is today—a very peaceful and inviting space that our clients love.

Having now expanded the All Saints portfolio to three locations, plus the recent launch of Le Petit Saint, what’s next on the horizon for you?

For the time being I am content with the three All Saint Clinic locations and our recently launched skincare atelier, Le Petit Saint. What would have been on my agenda, had we not been faced with Covid, was to launch All Saint Clinic in another country. Watch this space!

What brings you greatest happiness and contentment now?

As a survivor of the war in Lebanon, I truly value being surrounded by peace. Quality time with my family and friends, nature and a peaceful working environment make me most happy.

And what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my parents—my late father and my mother—for sacrificing so much for our sake and bringing us to Australia so that we could have a better opportunity at life.

Finally, how would you describe yourself in three words?

I find it hard to describe oneself, but I’m often told that I am loyal; I’m very passionate about everything that I do, and I’m honest.