Kristin Fisher, RATIONALE Luminary

On the subject of beauty rituals, we caught up with RATIONALE Luminary, Kristin, to chat about ageing, spa sessions and the one skincare step she never skips. 

Meet Kristin Fisher


Upon meeting her, the first thing you notice about Kristin Fisher is how impeccably groomed she is. From the tops of her precisely-shaped eyebrows to the tips of her pedicure, the level of polished perfection is a little disarming. Admittedly, it should come as no surprise. Fisher is, after all, the brow queen to Sydney’s style and celebrity set. Grooming is her trade; precision brows are her signature. 

She’ll later admit that the “perfectionism” is a trait she inherited from her mother Mary, along with an appreciation of taking care of oneself. “Mum always taught us the importance of good skincare from when we were quite young, from about the age of 13. And she always, always, always told us to take our makeup off before going to bed,” she says. Now, as Mum to Lila and Eddie, Fisher watches as her own children pick up on these hereditary primping cues: “they love putting face cream on, they love any pampering because they see me doing it all day long.” 

On the subject of beauty rituals, we caught up with Kristin to chat about ageing, spa sessions and the one skincare step she never skips. 

How did you discover RATIONALE? 

Through my sister, Kate Bond. I had cystic acne through both of my pregnancies. I had been to see everyone and nothing was working. We worked out that in one year alone, I spent over $30,000 on treatments but nothing would clear it up. And [Kate’s] skin was amazing, so I went to see RATIONALE and within six weeks my skin starting to show signs of improvement. 

I’ve been using it now for nearly three years—and I’ve never looked back. And when you see how an Essential Six routine is structured, it makes total sense. 

What’s your ethos on ageing? 

I am a huge believer in looking after your skin from a young age. Wear sunscreen every single day. Rain, hail or shine! This is something I wish I had done earlier as I know my skin wouldn’t have aged as much as it has had I begun wearing SPF in my late teens and early twenties. I’m not opposed to Botox and fillers; I think they have their place when it comes to ageing. However, I prefer a more natural look. I think when used correctly they can do wonders for the face. I want to look the best version of myself at every age but still look my age. 

As a professional in the beauty world, what does your routine look like? 

Being a busy working mum means I have less time for treatments these days. The Essential Six routine is doing all of the hard work for me at home. When I do find the time, I love having facials at the Woollahra Flagship. I give myself a mask once or twice a week at home; I use #1 The Mask and my personalised Luminary mask. I am also a huge fan of The EpiNova Brilliance Facial—my skin is so plump after a light session! 

Do you have any guilty pleasures and what are they? 

Chocolate. And staying in luxury hotels for no particular reason. Spending the day at the spa at said luxury hotels. I love Crown Towers Melbourne—it has everything you need and the spa is incredible. Sometimes I take my husband, sometimes I go solo. Either way, I always go to the spa the day before leaving. 

Where is your favourite place to travel? 

Hong Kong—it’s electric! Eat at Mott 32, stay at The Upper House or Mandarin Oriental and when in Honkers: shop! 

On that note, how would you describe your style in three words? 

Relaxed, modern and understated. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

Advice from my husband: ‘Never take no for an answer. Don’t stop until you get where you want to be’. Aside from my parents, he has been my biggest supporter since starting my own business. If it weren’t for him, Kristin Fisher Eyebrows may not have been born. We’d been dating for a year and he told me it was time I went out on my own and started my own business. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent and bills. He said, ‘I will cover your bills for you if you don’t make enough money, although I know you will.’ As it turned out, he was right.  He has pushed me to strive higher each and every year, and has taught me that ‘no’ isn’t an option when chasing your dreams. 

Time to turn the tables, what advice would you give your 20-year-old self? 

Stop tweezing your eyebrows! Also, wear SPF all over your body and don’t lay in the sun. Because solar damage is really, really hard to rewind. Invest in your skin—it’s the only skin you’ve got. 

Lastly, what’s the one brow trend you hope never returns? 

Tadpole brows.