New #6 The Night Crème

Delve into the intricacies of our latest Formulation: #6 The Night Crème. Explore its reformulation, the tireless research behind it and the profound impact it will have on your skin.

What is #6 The Night Crème?

This sumptuous reformulation of our iconic #6 The Night Crème uplifts and firms, visibly hydrates and reanimates luminosity by promoting cellular turnover with a proprietary Complex of Vitamin A (Retinol and Retinal). As the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is improved, sustained hydration is delivered throughout the night. 

The Reformulation Journey

At the core of this latest reformulation lies our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering Formulations of the highest quality. Informed by meticulous research, the new Formulation leverages the power of three unique Complexes—Vitamin A, DNA Repair and a Calming Complex—as the ideal pathway to overnight skin rejuvenation. 
Led by RATIONALE's Founder and Director of Research, Richard Parker, a team of five Research Chemists collaborated at RATIONALE HQ to formulate the new #6 The Night Crème. This comprehensive process involved enhancing the Vitamin A Complex with retinol and retinal, upgrading the DNA Repair Complex, integrating a Calming Complex, incorporating three additional soothing active ingredients, and rigorously developing and testing 100 prototypes. The culmination of this effort is reflected in a total investment of 800 hours in researching, formulating, testing, and refining the Formulation.

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“#6 The Night Crème can help maintain youthful-looking skin as we age. The Vitamin A Complex (Retinol and Retinal) supports cellular turnover, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while delivering sustained hydration.”

- Katie Matten, Head of Education

The Power of Vitamin A Complex Over Retinol Alone

#6 The Night Crème is formulated with a proprietary Vitamin A Complex containing retinol and retinal, along with a carefully curated DNA Repair Complex. The real power lies in the collaborative action of specific vitamins and enzymes within these complexes, working harmoniously to initiate superior skin rejuvenation and cellular renewal, surpassing the benefits of retinol alone.

Old vs. New

#6 The Night Crème’s advanced formula incorporates an upgraded Vitamin A Complex (Retinol and Retinal) in addition to an elevated DNA Repair Complex and added Calming Complex. Three additional soothing active ingredients have also been introduced to enhance the Formulation's efficacy.

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Independent Trial Results


of participants noticed an uplift in skin firmness.


reported visible skin hydration.


witnessed improved radiance.

*Based on a 28-day trial with 20 participants.

Now For All Skin Types

The reformulated #6 The Night Crème is for all faces, ages and life stages, strengthening the skin's barrier and alleviating visible redness with the added Calming Complex. While suitable for all skin types, consulting a RATIONALE Skin Therapist is recommended to determine individual suitability.

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How to Integrate into Your Ritual

For those with sensitive skin

We recommend starting with #6 The GelCrème as a mild introduction to active ingredients that promote cellular turnover. After 4-6 weeks, gradually introduce #6 The Night Crème, using it 1-2 times per week initially and then adjusting the frequency based on your skin's appearance and comfort level. 
For individuals with resilient skin

Nightly application is recommended.

For further guidance speak with your RATIONALE Skin Consultant or Medical Agent to understand how to introduce #6 The Night Crème into your Ritual.