Customised Cleansing is Your Key to Luminosity

How to find the best cleanser for your skin’s needs.

How to find the best cleanser for your skin’s needs

Skin appears at its freshest and dewiest when its Liquid Crystal Array of lipids and proteins is in optimal alignment, reflecting light perfectly and evenly across its surface.

If the skin’s surface is too dry or oily, this balance is disrupted and the complexion can appear either too dull or too shiny. For this reason, cleansers are the most overlooked and underestimated step in skincare but they really are the key to radiant skin.

The skin is a self-cleansing ecosystem: anti-microbial peptides and natural exfoliation help to keep skin clear and free of infection, but what we put on our face daily has a profound effect on this
finely-balanced mechanism. Makeup and sunscreens contain what we refer to as Non-Physiological Lipids and aren’t removed by these innate cleansing processes, which is why we need the help of a good cleanser and a customised approach to preserving the skin’s barrier integrity. Most importantly, your cleansing formulation should be customised to the individual needs of your skin.

To optimise barrier health and enhance the function of nightly actives, RATIONALE encourages cleansing at night-time only and simply rinsing with tepid water in the morning. This is because surface debris from environmental pollutants and cosmetics aren't present during our sleep, and in the morning, we want the active antioxidants from our overnight formulations to continue serving our skin throughout the day.

Dry skin needs a cleanser that gently removes debris while re-establishing skin barrier function with protective ceramides and lipids, such as #4 The Cleanser.

Oily skin has an excess of sebum sitting on the surface, which must be cleared away nightly to prevent clogging and breakouts. But this does not mean using harsh detergent-based cleansers which foam and strip away the skin’s protective barrier, creating sensitivity and further disrupting the Liquid Crystal Array. The right cleanser for oily skin types gently balances sebum and unclogs pores while helping to calm inflammation. We recommend #5 The Cleanser to purify, balance and refine skin texture.

We recommend massaging the first cleanse and infusing the second cleanse for 2-3 minutes (perhaps leave it on while brushing your teeth). To enhance hydration and refinement, both #4 The Cleanser and #5 The Cleanser can also be used as a mask once a week, left on the skin to infuse for around 15-20 minutes.

A pre-cleansing formulation like #4 The PreCleanse Balm is designed to dissolve particles of sunscreen and makeup prior to cleansing. As it is removed from the skin during the cleaning ritual, this balm-to-oil formula is suitable for all skin types—including oily.

Not sure where to start? A complimentary Virtual Consultation with a RATIONALE Online Skin Consultant will guide you towards your perfect cleansing prescription.