Photogenic Facial | RATIONALE

Epidermal Enlightenment

Fortifying for the most sensitive skin, RATIONALE PhotoGenic Facial is our signature strengthening treatment innovation. Skin is revitalised with a curation of highly potent Antioxidants to calm, clarify and achieve complexion perfection. PressurePoint massage fuses with LED Light Therapy to induce simultaneous relaxation and radiance.

RATIONALE PhotoGenic Facial 60mins. $215.

RATIONALE Photogenic Treatment

Immediate results

This rejuvenating, new-generation facial combines relaxing micro-circulatory massage techniques, a high potency facial mask infusion and rejuvenating LED therapy to optimise penetration of cosmeceutical actives and reinvigorate dry, dull or lacklustre skin. Skin appears immediately smoother, softer and significantly more luminous. RATIONALE PhotoGenic Facial is the ultimate "beauty flash" treatment and the perfect introduction to the RATIONALE range. It is the ultimate interim treatment between your monthly in-clinic maintenance treatments.

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"Our PhotoGenic Facial is the perfect luxury treatment for Clients seeking immediate, visible treatment results."

Richard Parker, Founder and Director of RATIONALE Research