Epigenetic Remodelling Facial | Rationale

Beyond genetics

RATIONALE EpiGenetic Remodelling Facial™ is a powerful 75-minute lifting treatment that instantly firms, sculpts and contours the face and neck using a sequence of transdermal infusions and remodelling modalities to influence your skin’s genetic potential, reversing sun damage and facial ageing. Microcurrent, ultrasound and LED technology work in synergy to rejuvenate and re-firm facial skin and muscles, for a fresher, firmer complexion and a redefined profile.

Canterbury Rationale Flagship Clinic

Immediate results 

Your skin feels firmer and more defined while texture is resurfaced and refined. 

Long term

This optimises your skin's genetic expression and promotes cell renewal and the growth of new healthy skin. It activates neo-collagen production to restore volume and plump wrinkles while relaxing dynamic lines. It will tone and tighten your skin to a youthful smoothness and tautness. Restores muscle tone and redefines facial contours, lifts cheeks and tightens neck and jaw line. 

Results are cumulative and can take up to 4-6 weeks to take full effect.

A course of 6 RATIONALE EpiGenetic Remodelling Facial Treatments™ over 3 weeks is essential for the Phase 1 Activation stage. This is then followed by ongoing monthly maintenance treatments.


I’ve committed to weekly sessions to maintain the ‘mini-face lift’ the miracle workers at RATIONALE have given me. The lift is INSTANT, the feeling is FIRM and the glow is CONSTANT!

Emma, NSW