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Richard Parker's Six Principles

Over many years of working with dermatologists, we have synthesized a philosophy of caring for the skin that guides all of our Research + Development. It combines our medical knowledge of human dermatology with our own R+D resources and skills. We call this 'The Six Principles'. It separates Rationale Skin Care from our many imitators and enables us to deliver our trademark luminosity.

1. Posology

The skin is very specific in what it needs in terms of active ingredients and correct concentrations. For example, topical vitamins, minerals and antioxidants need to be incorporated at anywhere between 0.25% and 25%, while skin identical lipids and natural moisturising factors have a narrower range of between 5%-10%. We know the exact dosage for every active and use these correct concentrations in every Rationale product. This allows the skin to metabolise and utilise each ingredient for optimal efficacy and maximum luminosity.

2. pH

The phenomena of pH regulates almost all of the communicative and protective functions of the stratum corneum. In its ideal state of health and efficiency, the stratum corneum is inherently acidic, giving rise to the well established concept of the “acid mantle”. After many years of studying skin pH, we have established that throughout life, the skin becomes more alkaline as a result of natural ageing and sun damage. The Rationale Skin Care Essential Six restores the pH Optima of the skin to more youthful acidic levels resulting in restored structure, function and radiance.

3. Polarity

However groundbreaking our use of active ingredients, we are equally focused on the vital role of the base formulation. Every active must be incorporated into an appropriately charged vehicle that supports the active and ensures perfectly targeted delivery. This is the Principle of Polarity. Every Rationale formulation is polarity calibrated in such a way that the primary and secondary excipients ensure both the potency and targeted delivery of specific active ingredients. This is why results with Rationale Skin Care are so superior. We know where we’re going.


Each Rationale formulation has been customised with the perfect ratio of hydro to lipophilic ingredients to ensure perfect compatibility between the formulation, the active ingredients and the skin. When these phases are in alignment, there is perfect synchronicity between the oil and water phases in the product and in the skin. On contact, they become one. Every formulation contributes hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits, reinforcing to the integrity of the stratum corneum barrier and assisting in time-release delivery of actives.

5. PX Ratio 

Our R+D focuses on the interrelationship between Probiotic and Xenobiotic ingredients. We term this the PX Ratio and it is unique to Rationale Skin Care. Probiotic ingredients are those found naturally in human cells, tissues and organs, including the skin. These include electrolytes, lipids and specific amino acid sequences. Xenobiotic ingredients are not found naturally in the body, but serve to support skin barrier functions and metabolism of actives. This group includes organic silicones, glycols and botanicals. When activated in polarity calibrated, phase aligned formulations, the PX Ratio ensures rejuvenation and maintenance of skin vitality for a lifetime.

6. The 6th P - Preservative Free 

When true Isotropism has been accomplished, the formulation becomes PRESERVATIVE FREE. The system is self-preserving and does not require synthetic antibiotics. By studying and understanding human skin, and by bio-engineering Isotropic Formulations that deliver perfect skin synchronicity, Rationale Skin Care has recreated the same biochemical and biophysical conditions to maintain microbial stasis including pH Optima, endocrine functions and glycerol gradients. We have established a new standard of product safety and patient confidence. Synthetic preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, parabens etc. no longer have a place in modern skincare. Our preservative-free technology has created another industry benchmark.

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