Skin Identical Formulations | RATIONALE

Skin Synchronicity

Skin is our inspiration. Our research library. Our guiding light.

How it looks, feels and behaves when it is in a state of optimum health and radiance, and what it needs throughout life to bring it back to this point of vitality and luminosity, is what informs RATIONALE's research, innovation and product formulation.

Every RATIONALE formulation is Isotropic or 'Skin Identical', a revolutionary technology pioneered by RATIONALE to deliver perfect synchronicity between active ingredient, formulation and your skin. Skin vitality and luminosity taken to an unprecedented level of efficacy and elegance.

RATIONALE Skin Identical formulations work in harmony to prompt the skin’s own defence and repair mechanisms, boosting immunity, calming inflammation, and improving hydration. Skin reflects a dewy radiance and appears to glow from within.

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"Everything we do begins by studying the way the skin naturally does what it is we are seeking to replicate, protect or repair... These insights then become the very essence of every product we make.”

Richard Parker, Founder and  Director, RATIONALE Research