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The Wisdom of Australian Plant Life

Australian botanical species have evolved to survive in some of the world’s harshest conditions, withstanding extreme levels of sun exposure and boasting incredibly sophisticated processes of genetic repair and regeneration.

At RATIONALE, our research focuses on understanding, extracting and maximising the natural wisdom of Australian flora, harnessing the properties of a unique category of plants called ‘Extremophiles’ to enhance the protective and reparative properties of our formulations.

RATIONALE’s daytime formulations are fortified with SolarProtective Botanical extracts to boost the skin's natural solar defence mechanisms and protect against free-radical damage caused by the sun. By night, SolarRepair Botanicals enhance natural repair processes within the skin, strengthening skin barrier function, reducing inflammation and stimulating cellular turnover.

Nature's resilience - captured.

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"Australian plants possess the most advanced solar protection and repair mechanisms in the world, so we deploy these in our world-leading formulations."

Richard Parker,  Founder and Director, RATIONALE Research