My Skincare Rationale


I'd like to tell you a little about how I started Rationale Skin Care.

I wasn't born with good skin genes. I had my Mother's predisposition to sun damage and inherited the acne gene from my Dad. At 25 I had pimples and wrinkles. Not happy. I was obsessed with improving my skin. I spent so much on skin care products, expensive and inexpensive, but nothing delivered. 


I started my own research. For weeks on end I locked myself in the medical library at the University of Melbourne, devouring every Dermatology and Pharmacology journal I could get my hands on. I taught myself medical terminology. Slowly I started to understand the skin and its interactions with topical products.

My eyes were opened to how the skincare industry worked. Or didn’t work. Many companies were making products devoid of active ingredients. Empty vessels. The gap in the market was obvious – create products containing skin compatible active ingredients. Ingredients that work with the skin to produce visible improvements. Ingredients that would protect from future damage.

Becoming a qualified chemist

I needed to know more about formulating. So began my studies in cosmetic chemistry. It was a steep learning curve, but slowly I started to put together a skincare range that produced good results. People started to talk. A Melbourne newspaper, 'The Age', wrote a full page story about us.

Doctors love Rationale

Dermatologists agreed with our philosophy. They contacted us and started stocking our products. We kept evolving. Improving. Researching. Plastic Surgeons came on board next, followed by cosmetic physicians. Soon we became the top selling cosmeceutical in Australia, sold by the best cosmetic doctors in the country.

isotropic formulations - the NEW platinum standard

Above all else and all others, Rationale Skin Care is an evidence-based, research driven company. To remain at the forefront of skincare innovation, my R+D Lab Team continually study new ingredients, technologies and delivery systems, pushing the boundaries of scientific excogitation to perpetually set new benchmarks in efficacy and cosmetic elegance. 

Following two years of groundbreaking research and development, we unveiled the future of skincare – ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS. Rationale has pioneered this new Isotropic Technology, developing entirely new and original formulations that are 100% synchronised with the skin. Efficacy and elegance on an unprecedented scale. A new industry benchmark set.

What next

Today Rationale Skin Care is prescribed by Australia’s best Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors. We now have an impressive team of specialists in every area of the business - marketing, sales, training, support personnel, including our own R+D team working in our own laboratory. I feel so privileged to have these outstanding professionals all around me.

Everyone deserves great skin. I want the whole world to know about Rationale Skin Care.

My vision is to take our products to a level of efficacy and safety unsurpassed in this industry. To pioneer new channels of distribution that allow us to speak directly to our clients.

To illuminate skincare as well as your skin.

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