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the rationale story


Rationale Founder Richard Parker’s story started with his own disappointment at skincare that promised (but failed) to change his own problematic skin; a combination of sun damage and acne. So he embarked on a self-directed journey to discover “what works”.

Through a combination of formal studies and independent scientific research over many years, Richard discovered the truth about skincare, and the skincare industry. If this was going to work, it was going to take a radical approach that connected the worlds of beauty and medicine.



In 1991 Richard was approached by a group of Australian Dermatologists to develop a range of high-performance cosmeceutical products that prevented and treated the major cause of skin ageing; The Sun.

plastic surgeons

Many years of meticulous research and development followed, resulting in impressive outcomes, the hard-earned seal of approval from Dermatologists and a ripple effect throughout the greater medical fraternity. Rationale swiftly became the most sought after brand by leading Dermatologists and progressive Plastic Surgeons.

Rationale today

In 25 years Rationale has transformed the skin and beauty landscape of Australia, delivering luminous skin for a lifetime through the creation of luxurious, high potency medical skincare formulas that deliver on their promises. We are the #1 prescribed skincare range by Australian Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons and have set a new retail benchmark in the rollout of our Rationale Flagship Skin Clinics nationally.

we are the solar authority

80% of facial ageing is caused by the sun. Rationale leads the world in restoring and protecting skin radiance by preventing and repairing sun damage.

solar resistant flora

Australian botanical species have evolved to protect themselves from and repair sun damage to tissues and cells. This unique Australian Nature-Know-How is an important part of our evolution and our skincare formulations. All of our Essential Six formulas are fortified with native Australian PhotoProtection + PhotoRepair botanicals.


Rationale products are also the industry’s first Isotropic Formulations - based on skin-identical ingredients and perfectly synchronised with the skin’s anatomy and physiology. This ensures that the formulations are in perfect harmony with the skin, delivering active ingredients to precise targets to achieve optimal skin health and radiance. Pure. Active. Preservative free.

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