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The Enlightenment Series: Blue Light

Understanding Your Solar Protective Needs

As inhabitants of the ‘sunburnt country,’ Australians have long understood the need for high Solar Protection to guard our skin against environmental damage each day, particularly when outdoors.

But in the midst of a global pandemic, when many of us are Working From Home (WFH) and isolating indoors, the common misconception of not needing this vital protection (“Oh, but I’m not going outside today”) is leaving our skin vulnerable to over exposure from artificial lighting—and its negative impact on the skin.

"Blue Light produced by smartphones and even camera flashes on selfie mode, can lead to skin damage and accelerated skin ageing."


This artificial light, particularly emitted from indoor lighting, screens, smartphones and tablets, increases our daily exposure to uncontrolled doses of Blue Light.

Approximately one-third of all Visible Light is Blue Light—or High Energy Visible Light (HEV)—which has a short wavelength and produces a higher amount of energy than any other form of light in The Solar Constant. In addition to technology, reflective surfaces including sand, snow, water and glass, are sources of HEV Light.

The amount of Blue Light emitted from technology is only a fraction of that produced by the sun, and yet studies from 2019 indicate that 60 per cent of people are spending six hours a day on their devices—with that percentage and duration very likely to have only increased in recent weeks.

And while blue wavelengths in daylight are beneficial for improving attention, reaction times, and mood, they can be disruptive at night, frequently interrupting sleep patterns due to the stimulating effect they have on the brain.

In addition, frequent exposure to uncontrolled Blue Light produced by smartphones and even camera flashes on selfie mode, can lead to skin damage and accelerated skin ageing.


When Blue Light enters deep into the skin, each layer is affected, leading to the potential of inflammation, uneven skin tone, texture and sensitivity. Furthermore, damage to the network of collagen, enzymes, and proteins that provides structural support to surrounding cells results in accelerated ageing, making the need for Blue Light protection all the more important.

So while most of us are not in a position to avoid computers, turn off phones and switch off lights entirely, the effects of uncontrolled doses of Blue Light highlight the importance of a daily Solar Protective Ritual—whether we’re inside or outdoors.

Imparting a luminous glow, RATIONALE Superfluids offer skin-perfecting protection from the complete Solar Constant, including Blue Light exposure. The foundation of daytime radiance and lifelong luminosity, Superfluids remain an essential facet of your daily ritual, no matter where the day—or the Zoom conference call—takes you.