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DNA Personal Prescription

The New Frontier in Personalised Skincare

The quest for perfect skin is elusive. And seductive.

The combined impact of our genetic inheritance and the external environment determines the face we present to the world.

The RATIONALE Essential Six represents my entire life’s work… the six facets of skin health that deliver Luminous Skin for Life.

But for those searching for the ultimate in luxury skincare individualisation, I have created DNA Personal Prescription.

The pilgrimage begins with an exploration of your unique DNA, analysing the results of your DNArray Medical Consultation to understand your skin’s genetic blueprint; its strength and beauty, its needs and vulnerabilities.

As the journey continues, we elucidate the environmental challenges inherent in your life, and factor this vital information into your personal skincare equation.

Precious Peptides are identified, selected and combined to redirect and revivify, then infused into your perfect delivery system.

Peptides are the biochemical messengers of Life. They can instruct our collagen-producing cells to create more collagen. Or our immune system to calm down. They represent the intersection of energy and information.

Formulated by hand in our RATIONALE Laboratory, your DNA Personal Prescription creation is lovingly packed, wrapped, and then delivered to your RATIONALE Flagship Clinic.

Your RATIONALE Therapist will schedule a personalised consultation to create a new ritual, incorporating your own treasured creation. Finally, a luxe DNA Sequence Facial will be performed, incorporating an ampoule of concentrated Targeted Peptides found in bespoke formulation.

Years of research and reflection. The search for the rarest and most precious elements of skin radiance.

Our most elevated offering to date, DNA Personal Prescription represents the pinnacle of luxury and luminosity.