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Where to begin with RATIONALE

How to start the journey to Luminous Skin for Life

We’re often asked to explain the ‘correct’ way to begin a RATIONALE routine.

For some, the entry into RATIONALE comes via a quiet whisper from a friend. “’Oh, it’s RATIONALE’ she said, but she said it like it was a secret,” recalls Luminary Myra Perez on the moment she was first brought into the RATIONALE fold.

Others are more vocal in their evangelism, eagerly spreading the word to all who will listen. And since the gift of confidence and a clear complexion is a joy better shared, our dedicated Referral Program aims to honour those Clients who act as shining ambassadors of the #RATIONALEglow.

In the spirit of paying it forward, we are taking the opportunity to answer what some still consider to be a closely-guarded secret: how to begin a RATIONALE ritual and be on your way to Luminous Skin for Life.

For every skin type and every stage of life, there is an avenue into RATIONALE—but whichever path you choose, there’s one thing we know for sure: all roads lead to radiance.

Where to begin RATIONALE

Step 1: Consultation

A comprehensive Skin Consultation is the essential first step in any RATIONALE journey. We pride ourselves on a purely prescriptive approach; every skin is different, and a Skin Consultation to determine your skin’s unique profile will have the most dramatic effect on the results you achieve.

Our signature RATIONALE Skin Consultation, available at every RATIONALE Flagship Clinic and selected affiliated Medical Clinics, combines Skin Scanning touch analysis and UV Diagnostic Imaging to reveal the health of every layer of your skin. For an added measure of luxury, a RATIONALE Skin Consultation includes a luxe double cleanse and Enzyme Reactivation or Mask Infusion treatment, customised to suit your skin’s needs.

From here, your Consultant is empowered to create a bespoke prescription, determining exactly which combination of active ingredients will best serve your skin.

Where distance or a busy schedule stand in the way of you being able to take part in an in-clinic experience, we have made our expert Team of Skin Consultants available to you via phone, live chat or email—wherever in the world you may be.

To take part in a Phone or Online Consultation, simply complete an online booking form and supply three images of your makeup-free skin. One of our Consultants will be in touch at a time of your choosing and perform their Consultation remotely, outlining your prescription and providing guidance on how best to support your skin with an at-home routine. To conclude, your Consultant will arrange a Review for three weeks’ time to check in on your progress.

For those in search of an even more tailored approach, the DNArray Medical Consultation is the second chapter in RATIONALE’s revolutionary story of personalised consultation and service—and a complete skincare game-changer.

Available exclusively at RATIONALE Flagship Clinics, a DNArray Medical Consultation is a two-phase analysis process, deploying the science of epigenetics to enlighten you with an understanding of your skin’s genetic blueprint. A DNA sample is non-invasively obtained (via cheek swab) and sent for laboratory analysis, and a genetic and lifestyle questionnaire completed. From here, your Consultant will tailor a precise prescription of skincare actives and treatment elements to optimise your skin’s gene expression and decelerate ageing like never before.

Put simply, the knowledge gained from a DNArray Medical Consultation is the most empowering and enlightening kind there is, and is the single best investment you can make in the future of your skin.

Where to begin tile RATIONALE

Step 2: Your Essential Six Prescription

The Essential Six is the daily rhythm of RATIONALE.

Built around the Essential Six pillars of skin health and vitality, this system of three steps for daytime protection and three for overnight repair provides all of the skin’s daily nutrients; the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentration working in synergy to protect and repair from the major causes of facial ageing—the sun and environmental aggressors.

Each prescription will vary from Client to Client, combining original Essential Six formulations with targeted boosters according to the precise needs of your skin.

Your prescription will be emailed to you following any RATIONALE Consultation, and can be replenished at a RATIONALE Flagship, affiliated Medical Clinic and online at rationale.com.

It is common for an initial prescription to be relatively concise—containing select formulations to begin your skin’s adjustment to active skincare, bolster its immune responses and initiate its barrier repair. Over time, as your skin fortifies and begins to show signs of improvement, more formulations may be added to target more specific concerns.

Where to begin tile RATIONALE

Step 3: Treatment Plan

Alongside your homecare prescription, in-clinic treatments may also be prescribed to support your skin’s continued improvement, yielding both an instant dose of radiance and a long-term lift in luminosity.

When it comes to knowing when and how often treatments are required, we subscribe to the 80|20 rule: a dedicated homecare routine based on the Essential Six categories will get you 80 per cent of the way to Luminous Skin for Life. The extra 20 per cent can be found in monthly treatments, available at either a Flagship Clinic or selected Medical Clinics carrying the RATIONALE range.

Our luxe, customisable treatments work to supercharge the results of your Essential Six routine, and an ongoing treatment plan not only accelerates cellular change within the skin but can also be tailored to target specific skin concerns.

As Skin Therapist Emily from our Woollahra Clinic says, “a four-weekly treatment plan falls in line with the skin’s natural cell turnover rate to further optimise results. You do most of the heavy lifting with your at-home prescription, but we really see the best results when we tailor a Client’s prescription to include in-clinic treatments every month.”

Where to begin tile RATIONALE

"Put simply, the knowledge gained from a DNArray Medical Consultation is the most empowering and enlightening kind there is, and is the single best investment you can make in the future of your skin."


Step 4: Review + Referrals

As your skin continues to adapt to its RATIONALE ritual—and begins to bear the hallmarks of that #RATIONALEglow—a process of continued review and refinement is essential for ensuring that your skin is responding to its prescription correctly, and to consider any other lifestyle factors or changes which may have occurred. Offered with our compliments, Skin Reviews may be sought at the RATIONALE Flagship where your initial Consultation was performed, or via our phone and online Consultation service.

Just as every step in your RATIONALE journey thus far has been tailored to your skin, a Skin Review calendar, too, will be created on the basis of your skin’s profile, and the complexity of your prescription. Typically, however, a Review after 1-3 months will suffice.

In instances when a Client’s skin requires specialised treatment for a medical concern, your RATIONALE Skin Consultant will call upon our extensive network of partnering Doctors and provide you with a referral as part of our Dermatologist Collaboration Program.


- Words by Caroline Thomas