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A Day in the Life of Victoria Martin

The Ritual: Victoria Martin, Makeup Artist

A veteran of both the British and Australian beauty industries, Victoria Martin has carved out an impressive career as a makeup artist across the fashion, editorial and advertising spheres. From art galleries to academia, she gleans inspiration for her unique brand of artistry from a wealth of sources, and it certainly shows; a quick glance at her extensive catalogue of work reveals looks which move nimbly from the effortless and ethereal, to the strikingly modern. But artistic prowess aside, it is Victoria’s preservation of healthy, luminous skin in every look she orchestrates which garners our particular attention and admiration.

Here, the industry savant takes us through a day in her life as a busy London makeup artist: from 4am call times to the RATIONALE stash that no artist’s kit should be without—and tea, lots of cups of tea.

“I usually get up at about 6.30 or 7am. Depending on my schedule for the day, my husband and I might go for a short run; I feel like it gets everything going and is good for clearing the head first thing in the morning. I’m also trying not to look at my phone early in the mornings, as it immediately gets me stuck into a cycle of answering emails.

I’ll have a shower, and then my morning skincare routine follows. I have been a RATIONALE devotee for almost 5 years now. I met Richard Parker on a photoshoot with Vogue Australia in January 2015; it was a profile piece on three rising stars in the field of Dermatology, one of whom was my good friend Alice Rudd who now owns her own clinic, Skindepth Dermatology, in Melbourne. I found Richard to be incredibly knowledgeable and engaging—I immediately wanted to know more about his range and the story behind it.

I started to use the products on myself and in my makeup kit soon after, and have never looked back. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve never had very major issues with my skin, but Richard and the RATIONALE philosophy taught me to be acutely aware of the damage that can be caused by the sun. Being British, I arrived in Australia all those years ago with my heart set on a serious sun tan. Oh, how things have changed! Now that I am once again based in London, I see that attitudes over here to sun protection have progressed, however there is still a lot of re-education to be done and I am always talking about it to clients and models on set. I get a lot of compliments on my skin and my first response is always an enthusiastic refrain of “RATIONALE.” I really enjoy introducing people in Europe to this brilliant brand.

Vic on set

Victoria on location. Model wearing RATIONALE.

But I digress—back to my morning skincare. If I have managed to go for a run, then I’ll cleanse with ProCeramide Cleanser, and if not, I’ll just rinse my face with water. This is followed by Immunologist Serum, Super Antioxidant Serum, PhotoDynamic Day Cream SPF15 and Eye Cream. Depending on how my skin feels, I may use one of the Antioxidant boosters to support these essentials, and will finish with either B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50 or some Beautiful Skin in C1.


In terms of makeup, I keep it simple for day-to-day; a little mascara, some Beautiful Cheeks as blush, and some lip balm. I’m very low maintenance. My style is quite Scandi; I like the basics in simple colours. At the moment, you’ll typically find me in a cashmere roll-neck, some jeans and either a good pair of R.M. Williams boots or some sneakers.

"I started to use the products on myself and my makeup kit soon after, and have never looked back...Richard and the RATIONALE philosophy taught me to be acutely aware of the damage that can be caused by the sun."

Victoria Martin, Makeup Artist
RATIONALE Victoria Martin

I eat breakfast, without fail, every single day. It’s become a bit of a running joke among people that know me—even if it’s a 4am call time on set, I will have already eaten beforehand. I need it to get my brain working, and because makeup is usually the first thing to get done on a shoot, I need to be ready from the get-go. I’ll have some porridge or homemade granola with fruit, and a cup of Earl Grey.

I drink tea throughout the day, regardless of what I am doing: Earl Grey, Oolong, Sencha—I love them all! I was recently given a Lemon Chai from a small tea shop in Spain and it has become my latest obsession.


As I’m a freelancer, my days can vary quite dramatically. Most of the time, I’ll be booked on a commercial or editorial job, in which case I’ll be out all day on set somewhere in London or further afield. The best part of being a makeup artist is the travel. I’ve been to some truly amazing locations during my career. On days when I’m not on set, I’ll either work from home, keeping up to date with admin, or be out having pre-production meetings with clients. Being a makeup artist is not just purely about doing the makeup, there are so many other aspects of the job which require a lot of preparation and attention.

I also try and allow myself a day every now and then to go see an exhibition at a gallery, or to check out a new movie. I take inspiration for my makeup from everywhere, so I think it’s really important to nurture that side of my brain.

When it comes to evenings, I am a real homebody. We have finally gotten our flat decorated and furnished so I really enjoy being at home, especially because we are in the depths of London winter at the moment and it is dark by 4pm!

However, if I do have to go out for an event, I will always use it as an excuse to prep my skin with Immunologist Mask. It really works wonders after a long day. I’ll apply it, have another cup of tea, and then massage my face and rinse it off. Last year I took a course in facial massage and learnt some really wonderful skills to release the muscle tension, so I use this as much as I can on myself and on clients.

After masking, I’ll apply something simple and hydrating like Immunologist UltraCreme, followed by Beautiful Skin again, Beautiful Cheeks, and Beautiful Light on the high points of my face. Depending on my mood, I’ll pair this base with a smokey eye or a red lip.

If I’m staying in, I’ll prepare dinner as I tend to do all the cooking at home. I was a private chef in my early 20s, and I still love cooking to this day; I find it really therapeutic and love working through new recipes or ideas. I’ve recently developed a great recipe for vegetarian burgers with all the condiments—it involves a bit of prep, but is totally worth it!

I’ll catch up with my husband over dinner, talk about our respective days, and then head to the living room to watch the latest TV series. We just finished Succession and we can’t stop talking about it.

Before turning in, I’ll do my night-time skincare routine. I’ve been double cleansing with ProCeramide Cleanser lately, and I also use Catalyst Serum twice a week. This routine was prescribed for me when I was last visited RATIONALE’s Melbourne Emporium Clinic. My skin generally doesn’t need any more than that, although, if I have a little spot or blemish then I often use a dot of Catalyst Serum on it and it will be gone by morning. Finally I massage DNA Night Cream all over my face, neck and the back of my hands and finish with a little sweep of DNA Eye Cream. Heaven.


I go to bed early, about 10pm, and I’m usually asleep before my head even hits the pillow.”


- Compiled by Caroline Thomas