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The Gifting Season

Thoughtful gifts and traditions inspired by the festive season

A time of dedication to family and friends, of marking the end of a busy year with a gift to self, and, of course, an opportunity to share the gift of Luminous Skin with every RATIONALE box nestled under the tree, our Luminary Clients and own RATIONALE Team share some of what the festive season means to them.

For Myra Perez, RATIONALE Luminary and Owner, My Violet, it is the gift of relaxation and downtime which is most welcomed at this time of year. And her favorite way to dispense this reviving dose of calm and luxury to her loved ones during the silly season? “Definitely by gifting a facial—and the EpiNova Photosonic Facial is my pick,” she says.

“I’ve always been a fan of facials, but I would say that RATIONALE, for me, offers the best I’ve ever experienced. From the moment the lights are lowered, you find yourself transported to the most calming and relaxed place imaginable—and you wake up to baby soft, glowing skin, and facial muscles that have been completely de-stressed and rejuvenated.”

Nicole Harrison, Panama
RATIONALE Skin Consultation

A little closer to home, the RATIONALE Team, too, takes the festive season as an opportunity to spread the gift of Luminous Skin to their dearest.

“I cannot go past the Immunologist Serum for my loved ones this year,” says Amy, RATIONALE Agency Coordinator. “It was the first step in my skin journey with RATIONALE and I can’t wait to see the glow and smile on their face when they experience the same results I have. A healthy, glowing complexion is a gift for the soul, not just the skin.”

For in-house videographer Darcy, an introduction to RATIONALE via the care of an all-encompassing Skin Consultation is the perfect gift of gratitude this Holiday Season: “Everyone wants to feel refreshed going into the New Year, and I’ve decided to book my Mum a Consultation and Treatment in-clinic, so that she can experience her first form of skincare luxury with RATIONALE.”

But the art of giving can take many forms, and for some, a surprise gesture for a friend or a random act of kindness towards a stranger can be just as valued a gift of material weight and worth.

“I think a random act of goodwill can be the most wonderful gift—one that’s made even better when others pass it on,” says RATIONALE Luminary, Robyn Baillieu. “It doesn’t need to be expensive; it can be as simple as paying for a coffee for the next person in line, mowing your neighbour’s nature strip, or offering a warm smile to those you pass in the street. Even a small donation to a charity can make all the difference,” she says.

Nicole Harrison, Panama
RATIONALE Skin Consultation

For others, the joy of giving is in the handmade; in giving a gift that is unique, filled with sentiment and that bears the mark of its maker: “I so love making Christmas wreaths,” says Myra, “because flowers are such a luxury—and receiving them makes everyone so happy. Every year I send out special handmade wreaths made of fresh blooms, boxed up with a big red bow. It’s my favourite thing to create and I do my best to match each wreath to the personality of the person I’m sending it to.”

A tray of White Christmas made with her sons is Paloma Rose Garcia’s nod to tradition during the Holiday Season: “I grew up making it with my mama,” she says, “and now my boys and I have lots of fun doing the same. We wrap it up in baking paper bundles, tie them with natural string, and then give them out to my sons’ classmates. It’s only small, but as my children say, ‘it’s made with love.’”

Often, it is the act of slowing down in itself which is most valued—and the very best gift we can give ourselves, as well as those around us.

“Giving time is so important,” says RATIONALE Luminary Kristin Fisher, “in particular to my children, my family and my friends.”

“I love the quiet days between Christmas and New Year when all I have on the agenda is to be fully present with my family. Long walks along the Western Australian coastline, social media-free days, email-free days—that is heaven for me.”

And until that post-Christmas quiet arrives, a little act of seasonal self-care can be as simple as doing your gift shopping from the comfort of your living room, glass of festive cheer in hand. “I will be treating myself to an ‘All is Calm’ approach to Christmas shopping this year by picking up my family’s gifts online,” says Amy at RATIONALE HQ. “Quick, complimentary delivery and getting to avoid the commotion of seasonal shopping? That’s my idea of the perfect gift to self at this time of year.”


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