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Millie Herd, RATIONALE Luminary

Millie Herd, RATIONALE Luminary

As a rising star in the world of makeup artistry, and Adelaide’s go-to brow specialist, you’d be forgiven for thinking life for Millie Herd is all brushes, palettes and light-rimmed mirrors. But scratch the surface and the thoroughly modern Millie loves nothing more than getting her hands dirty in the great outdoors when it’s time to tune out. “I’m a huge fan of camping and road trips,” our RATIONALE Luminary reveals. It’s an adventurous spirit that Millie has carried with her since childhood. “She was an absolute tomboy,” shares her mother Heather. “I find it so interesting that she has a passion for makeup now.” Turning passion into profession, Herd insists the industry has inspired her for as long as she can remember. “I probably loved makeup since I was a little girl,” she says. “I studied makeup straight after school.”

After some early experimentation (“I used to smother myself in fake tan and cakey makeup…and put foundation on my lips…I wanted that ‘matte look’”), these days Herd’s approach to makeup is decidedly more pared back: “I like to wear my skin now—it’s my greatest asset.”

Beaming on the set of our Luminary Campaign shoot, we caught up with Herd to talk coffee (always), confidence and why her clients are at the centre of everything she does.


How did you discover RATIONALE?

My best friend Katie introduced me to it three years ago when she started working with the Brand. I was a skincare sceptic – I had tried so many brands and products over the years. RATIONALE was the first and only skincare to actually work.

What does confidence mean to you?

Being comfortable in your own skin.  I’m learning to embrace my flaws and imperfections, and not let them define me.

What’s your daily non-negotiable (skincare or otherwise)?

Coffee, and my night-time cleansing ritual. I use the Essential Six every day. I swap and change up my prescription with other RATIONALE products depending on what my therapist recommends for my skin at the time.

When did skincare become something you thought about?

These days, we are more aware of our skin and the damage caused by the sun and pollution in the air. It’s all about protecting our biggest organ and asset. Now, I direct my focus towards making sure my clients’ skin shows through their makeup and making them feel comfortable. I’m all about minimalist, natural beauty; I wear a lot less makeup myself these days. 

Growing up, did anyone’s skincare (or self-care) routine influence your outlook on beauty today?

Definitely my Mum. She always taught me to take pride in the way I present myself and the power of a good lipstick!

How has your skincare routine changed over the years?

It’s become my favourite part of the day! When I was younger, I used basic products because I had limited knowledge. Nowadays I feel very confident in RATIONALE and continue with regular treatments as well as my daily routine to keep it in check. Three in the morning, three at night. It’s so simple!

"My skin is a reflection of everything in my life...I strive to be as luminous as possible as it makes me feel youthful and healthy."

Millie Herd, RATIONALE 2019 Luminary

How do you feel about your skin now, compared to when you were younger?

My skin is a reflection of everything in my life, so I take a lot of care with it now. If I’m stressed, it shows; if I’m happy and taking care of myself inside and out, it shines through my skin. I strive to be as luminous as possible as it makes me feel youthful and healthy.

Best thing about becoming a year older each year?

Being comfortable with who I have become. It gets easier to love myself as I get older.

First thing you do when you wake up?

My day usually (if not always) starts with coffee, followed by anything that gets the blood pumping. Salt lamp on, gym session, answer emails, do my brows—and off to work!

What beauty items can you not leave the house without?

In terms of makeup, my love for RMS products continues – completely organic and toxin-free. I was on the hunt for a type of makeup that looked great but was also light and easy to apply, and I found just that with RMS. I literally forget that I’m even wearing makeup when I have it on.

What did you want to be when you were young?

An artist. I have always loved art, and painting comprised a huge part of my early childhood and adolescence. I miss it today!

What made you want to become what you are today?

I’m a makeup artist and brow specialist because I love helping people and interacting with others. Combined with my artistic side, this profession seemed like the perfect meeting point between the two.

Best part of your job?

Part of my work is striving to make my clients feel beautiful, confident and strong. It is so gratifying knowing that you can put a smile on someone’s face. In an age where there is often so much chaos, pressure and stress in people’s lives, I value that my clients take the time out to treat themselves with me.

What do you value most in life?

Family and laughter.

What are you most proud of?

My independence.