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Clarity Restored, Luminosity Reactivated

Richard Parker on the inspiration behind Catalyst Milk Concentrate

Healthy skin is glowing, smooth and deeply luminous.

Always youthful and alive, even when we are no longer young.

Just look at a child’s complexion…

Always rosy and radiant in our early years, young skin quickly exhibits the signs of environmental damage, particularly the effects of the sun and pollution, which begin to undermine skin vitality, resulting in a loss of complexion brilliance and clarity.

Catalyst Milk Concentrate Group

In Australia, sadly, this occurs as early as the teenage years, exacerbated by the fact that so many of our young people live such outdoor lives, particularly with sport.

A consequence of premature environmental damage (or enviro-ageing) is that the skin’s upper layers, which are at their healthiest when acidic, become increasingly alkaline.

This is a problem, as skin needs to be acidic to carry out its vital barrier and photo protective effects. Skin enhancing enzymes are deactivated under alkaline conditions, while skin damaging enzymes are uploaded and activated.

As skin becomes more alkaline as a consequence of environmental disturbance, we often become more sensitive, sometimes to the very nutrients we need!

Over the years, I have worked with many patients who manifest the effects of too-alkaline skin, including dullness, dryness and a lack of luminosity. Unfortunately, many of these people also suffer from extreme sensitivity. These two conditions are intricately interrelated.

RATIONALE Catalyst Family

The skin of these patients requires a subtle but critical shift back from alkaline to acidic, which will result in a reactivation of barrier and collagen enhancing enzymes leading to a renewed firmness and vitality.

pH recalibration can be achieved by various means, including a skin identical balance of organic acids, pioneered by RATIONALE almost 30 years ago, but for this group with extremely sensitive skin, we need an alternative plan…

For these Clients, I have pioneered a new pathway to renewed skin radiance and clarity using a custom-engineered anti-inflammatory peptide technology that reactivates vital skin youth enzymes to rejuvenate skin tone and texture while boosting resilience. 

A proprietary zinc-oligopeptide, delivered via a network of skin identical lipids and anti-inflammatory Australian botanicals was crafted to gently rebalance skin pH back to healthier, luminosity boosting acidic levels.

We have called this breakthrough new formulation our Catalyst Milk Concentrate.

Catalyst Milk Concentrate belongs in the Catalyst family of the RATIONALE Essential Six due to its ability to rebalance skin pH while reducing inflammation and sensitivity.

RATIONALE Founder + Director of Research, Richard Parker

Delicate, damaged and reactive skin undergoes a resurrection of radiance accompanied by renewed resilience as precious youth enzymes are reactivated.

New life and luminosity for prematurely compromised skin.

I dedicate the Catalyst Milk Concentrate to those dear Clients and colleagues who have put their faith in me over the years, working together to create this rare and inestimable offering.