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Mother’s Day with Millie + Heather Herd

Mother's Day with Millie + Heather Herd

Spend five minutes with Millie and Heather Herd and it’s plain to see that theirs is a special relationship. Beyond the typical, loving mother-daughter bond most of us have had the good fortune of experiencing at one stage or another during our lifetime, the Herds are something quite unique: close girlfriends, a mutually supportive pair that are proudly each other’s biggest champion. The Adelaide-based family also share a genuine warmth and charisma that instantly puts everyone at ease and lights up a room—or in this case, a photographic studio.

Which is where we find them today: on set of our latest campaign. Perhaps it’s the respective careers of ex-model Heather, 59, and makeup artist Millie, 29, that have afforded them this natural ease in the studio setting, surrounded by a buzzing crew, imposing camera equipment and hot lights. Or perhaps it’s the sense that this mischievous duo is somehow ‘in on it’ together.

Another thing they’re in on? A shared appreciation for luminous skin. After all, it was Millie, the middle of Heather’s three daughters, that introduced her to RATIONALE after experiencing a radiant transformation in her own troublesome skin.

In between frames, we caught up with Millie and Heather to talk tracksuits, tomboys and taking time to celebrate the strong women in their lives.

Millie and Heather Herd Mothers Day

Millie, what’s been a life lesson you’ve learnt from your mum?

Mille: To never leave the house in your tracksuit! She has always taught me, from a young age, to present yourself well when you leave the house. She also taught me at a very young age not to attack my brows. To this day I am extremely grateful for this advice.

Heather: 100 per cent - do not pluck your eyebrows. And yes, to step out with her best face forward… because you always get caught out!

Heather, what are some of Millie’s personality traits that you’re proudest of?

Heather: Well, I adore Millie because she has the most beautiful heart. And she’s been my best friend. She just has a lovely personality and she’s very gifted, and I’m just very proud of her.

Millie: And I think she’s beautiful inside and out; a timeless beauty.

What’s one thing about each other that people would be most surprised to learn?

Millie: To many people’s surprise, as my mum is always dressed to her best, her favourite thing in the world is camping with no makeup!

Heather: I find it so interesting that Millie has a passion for makeup now. She was an absolute tomboy when she was young.

Millie: That’s news to me!

At what age did you notice she started to become more interested in makeup?

Heather: In her teens, in her late teens, she developed a very keen interest in makeup, magazines and fashion. It surprised us all when she showed interest in those beautiful things.

Who is more likely to steal something from the other’s wardrobe or beauty cabinet?

Heather: We’re both guilty! Clothes, everything. It’s very easy when you have three daughters.

Millie: We’re certainly as bad as each other! As long as it’s not my RATIONALE, I can live with it!

Millie and Heather Herd Luminary

Breakfast in bed: wonderful or woeful?

Heather: A chance to be spoilt and luxuriate in bed is bliss. One can only hope that all of my chores are complete by the time I rise, too!

Millie: I think it’s wonderful as long as you’re not in a rush to be anywhere. But for Mum, a home-cooked meal or a backyard picnic would be her ideal way to spend the day with us three girls.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Millie: A very special day to celebrate the strong and wonderful women in my life. My sister is a new mum which has brought a new meaning to the day for me. To me, my mum has always been a pillar of strength and love to me. It’s important to celebrate her life and give back, as she has given so much to my sisters and I over the years.

Heather: Having three beautiful girls puts everything into perspective. Mother’s Day is a celebration spent with my girls and one-year-old granddaughter. My daughters are all adult now who lead busy lives, so it gives us the opportunity to get together, laugh, love and encourage each other. It is also a day that I reflect on the loss of my own beautiful Mum, sadly taken so early. She was a very special person and my best friend. I hope that I too can be that to my own daughters.


Interview by Hélène Pappas