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Mother’s Day with Eleanor, Martha + Robyn Baillieu

 Mother’s Day with Eleanor, Martha + Robyn Baillieu

“Less is more.” “Don’t pluck your eyebrows.” “Take your makeup off before bed.” Martha and Eleanor Baillieu are firing off the pieces of advice that have stuck with them over the years. Simple words of wisdom—and beauty truisms—handed down from mother Robyn that have clearly served the Baillieu family matriarch well. “My friends always say how amazing her skin is,” youngest daughter Eleanor shares proudly. It’s a radiant visage that belies Robyn’s 50-something years and one that the RATIONALE Luminary attributes to her 15-year devotion to the Essential Six. “RATIONALE certainly has given me good results,” shares Robyn.

So when it came to Martha and Eleanor navigating their own tricky adolescent skin, Robyn dispensed more of that sage skin wisdom, guiding them towards the (RATIONALE) light. “From that time when they were adolescents and needed to look after their skin properly, that is when we started using RATIONALE,” explains Robyn.

Today, the three Baillieu women are all aglow with that trademark luminosity. On set of our Mother’s Day shoot, we caught up with Eleanor, Martha and Robyn to talk beauty memories, little brothers and breakfast in bed.

Robyn Baillieu

How did you first hear about RATIONALE?

Eleanor: It was always through Mum. She’s always been encouraging about skincare. She’s got amazing skin; everyone always talks about her skin. So she got us to start using RATIONALE about seven years ago now.

Since using RATIONALE, what differences have you seen in your skin?

Martha: I don’t have any acne and I also feel like my skin is a lot clearer.

Robyn: Your skin is clean and clear looking!

Martha: It’s become a bit dewier.

Eleanor: I’ve noticed that my skin glows a lot more. It’s got a really even tone; clear, clean.

Robyn: It’s really good because you don’t have to wear much makeup when you’ve got good skin.

How long have you been using RATIONALE, Robyn?

Robyn: I’ve been using RATIONALE for fifteen years. [Before starting] I was always looking for a skincare brand that was going to give me results and RATIONALE certainly has given me good results. In those days you didn’t have RATIONALE [Clinics], you had doctor’s clinics and skin clinics. So I went into my skin clinic—Cosmetic and Laser Medical Centre…and they slowly [introduced] me [to] the product as my skin needed it.

How does RATIONALE fit into each of your lifestyles?

Eleanor: I’m super active and I’m always in the sun, so SPF for me is a big one.

Robyn: It’s essential.

Eleanor: I used to forget it all of the time. But mum encourages me to use it all of the time and put it on my face. That’s why RATIONALE is really easy for me, especially the B3-T, because it is a tinted moisturiser, it’s really helpful for me to have something like that. And with all of the good [ingredients] within it, I can easily apply and I don’t need much else.

Robyn: Yes, stay out of the sun and look after your skin and you will always have good skin for the rest of your life. And choose your parents because luckily my family have all good got skin!

Martha: I’m pretty pale, so I don’t go out in the sun much, so I love [Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF50]-that’s an essential. I’ll wear…maybe a powdered foundation, only very lightly and have the tinted Superfluid on. Because otherwise I just don’t have any colour!

RATIONALE Beautiful Skin at Laporte Space

What are your earliest beauty memories?

Robyn: Oh god. Well, when I was a young adolescent, I had spotty skin and it was really, really bad. In those days, we used products…which were dreadful, it used to burn your skin and try and dry up pimples. And then my father suggested I needed to drink Epsom salts.

Drink Epsom salts?!

Robyn: I know! Amazing. It’s full of magnesium…these days you actually just put it in your bath and soak it in through your skin. But in those days, I used to drink it. I actually kind of got to like it because I used to drink it all the time. Plus, I also drank a lot of cod liver oil. I don’t whether that contributed to my skin being more spotty or not!

Martha: I have got memories of when I used to do ballet and I think my favourite thing about ballet was the concerts when mum would do my makeup. I do have memories of sneaking into mum’s bathroom and putting on her lipstick.

Robyn: What?!

Martha: And then I think when I was in year seven—and you start to notice boys—I remember trying to put on fake tan or something. I snuck into mum’s bathroom and used a fake tan that I found and I had never worn it before and it was terribly patchy and awful and everyone at school was like, ‘you’re orange!’.

Robyn: It was a lot of fun doing [the ballet makeup]. I used to love making up the girls’ faces. Do you girls remember putting makeup on Robert?

Martha: Ah, I do. That’s another memory. He’s our little brother and I think mum must have been downstairs…I think I woke Robert up and got him out of his cot and dressed him up as a Little Mermaid in Eleanor’s Little Mermaid costume and we put, I think, blush on him and lipstick.

Robyn: And painted his nails.

Martha: Mum wasn’t too impressed!

Robyn: And he loved it!

What does confidence mean to you?

Eleanor: I think confidence means to me, most of all, trusting yourself and feeling like you can do it, and then trusting the people around you. And fake it ‘til you make it.

Martha: Being comfortable.

Robyn: And you feel more comfortable when your skin’s looking good.

Martha: Yes, true, you do.

What’s your daily non-negotiable?

Robyn: I really couldn’t live without the Essential Six. I mean, I don’t think there is really just one product. I need to use all the six because, you know, it’s a lot of hope in all of those bottles! And it looks after my skin really well, so all of them!

Martha: I always wash my face before bed. I’m nearing my thirties and I think I’m a lot more aware [of signs of ageing], so I try and always wash my face and do my skin routine before bed. It pains my boyfriend but I have to do it.

Eleanor: It pains your sister sharing a bathroom! (laughs) I don’t really have one beauty thing that I do every single day, it just depends what the day is. For me, the one that I can’t go without, is that I can’t go a day without properly exercising.

What do you admire most about your mum?

Robyn: This better be good! (laughs)

Martha: Mum’s always endlessly positive. She’s always good at making light of a negative situation.

Eleanor: I admire that she’s always really well presented; it’s definitely something to look up to. I don’t present myself well every single day because I can get lazy. Especially when all of my friends are always commenting on it, saying she looks so beautiful all the time, her hair and her nails and skin…

Robyn: I love hearing this! Tell me more!

Eleanor: I think it’s something that I need to aspire to a bit more.

"Look, my girls and my son, they are beautiful...I love them very, very much. There’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for them, except probably give up my RATIONALE regime! "

Robyn Baillieu, RATIONALE Luminary

What do you think is one thing that people would be surprised to know about your mum?

Martha: She hired a stripper at her 21st! She hired her own stripper.

Robyn: Well, actually, my friends actually hired the stripper for me, but I paid for him and then when my now husband was looking through those photographs, he said, “I know that man!”. He knew him! I like doing funny things. I love making things fun and I love making people laugh. Laughter’s the best medicine.

Eleanor: You’re a pretty open book. With everything. Nothing really surprises anyone. Everyone knows you’re into fashion, everyone knows that you’re into looking after your skin, everyone knows that you like Instagram.

Robyn: Oh yeah. You better like my Instagram posts! (laughs)

What do you think are some of the best qualities that the girls possess?

Eleanor: This depends on your Mother’s Day gift!

Robyn: Oh okay. There’s a Mother’s Day gift dependent answer required. Look, my girls and my son, they are beautiful. They’re beautiful people, inside and out, and their dad is wonderful too. I love them very, very much. There’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for them, except probably give up my RATIONALE regime! (laughs)

The traditional Mother’s Day breakfast in bed—what do you think about it?

Robyn: Yes!

Eleanor: Mum asks for it most Sundays.

Martha: Every Sunday and every Saturday, it’s Mother’s Day.

Eleanor: Pancakes and coffee every Sunday.

Robyn: I can text from my bed!

Martha: ‘Can you bring up a weak long black and scrambled eggs or pancakes. And the newspaper?’ And then you bring it all up and she’s finished the first cup and she’s like, ‘can you get me another coffee or another tea?’

Finally, what does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Martha: Food. It’s always lunch and family celebrating mum. Trying to make mum feel good because she always makes us feel good.

Robyn: I just love having my family around me on that day. I really do and you’re only ever as happy as your unhappiest child. It’s always a bit of work in progress because there might be someone that’s not so happy. I know it’s your Mother’s Day and you’ve got to relax, but it’s only recently that they’ve got into it. That’s made me deliciously happy.

Eleanor: Appreciating children! Appreciating family. It’s always been lunch and just being together and that’s sort of the day. To me it’s always been about, not just about the individual person I guess, but getting together as a family and organising lunch somewhere instead of mum cooking. And really just using the day as an excuse to have the whole family together.


Interview by Rebecca True