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The Beauty of Resilience

Resilience - Beauty's Deepest Mystery

Resilience is one of the most precious and revered of human qualities.

Indeed, it is the reason our species has thrived.

Those who are the most alive, those who radiate profound happiness, are often those who have the greatest capacity to come through life’s challenges glowing with wisdom and serenity.

Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg have written about this doctrine of resilience at some length. Both are remarkably evolved women. And incredibly powerful role models.

It started me thinking about the mystery and desirability of resilience in human skin, Those who project infinite skin vitality and radiance are those blessed with resilience. But here nature is not always our friend…

Deep in our DNA, many of us lack the ‘survive and thrive’ genes that allow us to glow with health despite the damaging effects of urban environments. These are also the same genes that encode for our production of antioxidants. And with 90 per cent of oxidative skin damage caused by the combined effects of sun, pollution and desiccation (dryness)—we need all the help we can get!

On a recent trip to Tokyo (still one of the most polluted cities in the world), I was aware that my skin was particularly sensitive. My DNA results for antioxidant production are literally my weak point, resulting in irritation whenever I am in a large, environmentally challenging city.

I use my Super Antioxidant Serum and Antioxidant Lipid Concentrate religiously but I began to wonder if something more physical was required.

"My skin’s resilience needed boosting, not just from within but also from above...I literally needed a 3-D shield between my skin and the world."

Richard Parker, RATIONALE Founder and Director of Research + Development

As always, I turned to the miracle of human anatomy and physiology as my guiding light. My research library. My endless source of inspiration and wonder…

Nature brings us her innate wisdom and resilience in all sorts of awe-inspiring ways. Natural ceramic materials are one example.

Our bones are ceramic matter that give our body strength and structure. Look at people who stand tall and strong. Their posture gives them energy. And their strength is derived from their inner resilience.

So I began to study the physico-chemical protective properties of rare and precious ceramic materials found in nature and what they could do to protect our skin from environmental damage.

In the body, and in the skin, calcium, potassium, sodium and silica combine to provide incredibly strong and resilient ceramic structures. They are present in all skin cell support structures and are vital to bone density and strength.

What could we do to with these omnipotent materials?

Antioxidant Hydrogel

My imperative was to create a Ceramic Shield comprised of skin identical Minerals that augmented the resilience provided of our skin identical Antioxidants to offer the ultimate protection against environmental aggressors.

The minerals are fused, then refined and refined over and over in an ultrafine mesh of platinum, then polished to perfection in a platinum mill, like those used to perfect precious gems.

Finally, these ceramic pearls are crowned with the finest silica and titanium to deliver superlative urban environmental protection combined with a dewy, luminosity-enhancing softness.

At RATIONALE Research, and as I write this, we are now in the process of incorporating this profoundly innovative material into a prophetic new Antioxidant formulation-Antioxidant Hydragel-enriched with more of nature’s innately brilliant keys to resilience and luminosity.

Vivienne Westwood once said, “Elegance is subversive. And deeply alluring.”

And there is nothing more alluring than a woman who leads her inspirational life luminous with resilience. She is wise. She is strong. She is beautiful.