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Introducing Antioxidant Hydragel

RATIONALE Antioxidant Hydragel

A New Frontier in Environmental Defence 

“On a recent trip overseas, I was aware that my skin was particularly sensitive…resulting in irritation when I was in Tokyo—an environmentally challenging city,” shares Richard Parker, Founder + Director, RATIONALE Research. “My skin’s resilience needed boosting not just from within but from above…literally a 3-D shield between my skin and the world.” 

"My objective was to create a Ceramic Shield comprised of skin identical Minerals that augmented the resilience of our skin identical Antioxidants to offer the ultimate protection against environmental aggressors.”

Antioxidant Hydragel

The result is new RATIONALE Antioxidant Hydragel—a waterlight emulsion that delivers transformative antioxidant rejuvenation and nourishing anti-pollution and anti-glycation defence. A comforting skin identical hydrator, this ground-breaking formulation boasts an innovative Ceramic Shield technology; an ultrafine mesh of ceramic microspheres that provide skin with a physical shield against pollution.

“These ceramic pearls are crowned with the finest silica and titanium to deliver a dewy, light diffusing elegance and luminosity to the complexion,” says Parker.


A careful curation of Australian SolarProtective Botanicals defends against InfraRed Radiation while Essential Skin Minerals restore hydration levels and clarity. Brightness boosted and radiance reactivated.

RATIONALE Antioxidant Hydragel offers superior environmental protection and pollution defence, and elicits a profound effect on skin clarity and resilience.