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Kathryn Khoo Luminary Lunch

Co-hosted by Richard Parker and Kathryn Khoo

In March, we held our first Luminary Lunch of 2019, co-hosted by Kathryn Khoo in Melbourne.

Colleagues, friends and family of Kathryn—the renowned Cosmetic Nurse and RATIONALE Luminary—and RATIONALE Founder Richard Parker gathered at Matilda 159 in the leafy suburb of South Yarra to celebrate Luminous Skin for Life. 

Between courses of modern Australian fare, the crowd were privy to an illuminating conversation between Kathryn and Richard that covered cosmetic surgery, skin confidence—and the one thing everyone should be doing for their skin. Here are some of our favourite moments from this stunning event… 

Rationale Luminary Lunch Matilda 159

Kathryn Khoo on why she believes in RATIONALE…

“My father [skin specialist, Dr Khoo] took note of my skin when I started RATIONALE [10 years ago]. He asked me, “what are you using?” And that was the reassuring acknowledgement that what I was doing for my skin was actually good. The science and technology behind RATIONALE concentrates on protecting and repairing photoageing. And the philosophy behind this brand—luminous, healthy, radiant skin is in line with my own definition of what beauty is.”


Kathryn Khoo

Richard Parker on injectables…

“I don’t think cosmetic surgery is neither good nor bad—but I think there is good and bad cosmetic work! I think, like everything, first get your skin as healthy as you can… Very often when we see Clients repair their skin, they say, ‘I’m happy! I look good!’ 

But you know, if there’s something that still bugs you, go and see Kathryn! You want someone with thorough medical training and I think you also want someone who has a genuine interest in this field. I think there has to be a natural gift for it and a level of good taste that someone like Kathryn possesses.” 

Rationale Luminary Lunch Guests

Richard on his number one piece of skincare advice…

“They say knowledge is power. So, for me, the most important step is to have a medical skin consultation. At RATIONALE, we always start with the genetic test; we do a swab and look at your skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses. And that’s information you have the rest of your life. That’s information you have the rest of your life. We can see that you might be weak in antioxidants, you don’t handle sun very well… From there, we can show you how to maintain healthy, radiant skin for the rest of your life. Know your skin. That’s my advice.”

Rationale Lunch Matilda 159

Kathryn and Richard on the connection between skin health and confidence…

KK: “Everyone here understands that when our skin isn’t looking its best…and you have to go to work, you have events to go to, weddings to go to, you have friends to meet and all that…You know that when things are looking right here (motions to face), things don’t feel right in there (points to chest).”

Shamini Rajarentham and Richard Parker

RJP: “And one of the biggest areas for research—and us—at the moment is called endo-dermatology: the study of the relationship between hormones and skin…even down to emotions and skin. So we know that when your skin is healthy, you produce happiness hormones. It’s not just, ‘oh, I look good!’ No, there is actually a physiological reason why you feel good—because your skin is making all of these happiness hormones. And when you’re not well, it’s not surprising that—and dermatologists see this—when a person has a very severe skin condition like psoriasis, they’re often depressed alongside that. So the relationship between how our skin looks and how we feel is so powerful.”

KK: “It’s all about owning yourself, your life and your appearance as well. Taking pride in how you look… so invest in yourself. Invest and look after yourself.

Rationale Event Guests

Venue: Matilda 159
Floral installation: Hattie Molloy
Photography: Danielle Castano