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The Good Doctors: Dr Katie Le

Dr Katie Le

Dermatologist, Port Macquarie Dermatology, Port Macquarie

“I feel that the brand is consistent with my own personal views on skincare, in that it promotes skin health above all.” Dr Katie Le on her careers highs, what confidence means to her—both in and outside of her work—and why she’s proud to stock RATIONALE in her practice.

Dr Katie Le Rationale Skincare

What drew you to dermatology?
“I was attracted to the visual aspects of dermatology; the ability to make instant diagnoses and be able to see the changes you make. I loved the way my colleagues in dermatology lived life with such pleasure in their work, it was inspiring and aspirational and so different to other careers in medicine.”

What inspires you in this industry?
“I am inspired by the constant developments in this industry to improve care and treatment. With new techniques, I’m able to employ the same tools and treatments in different ways for different outcomes. It inspires me to challenge myself to develop new ways of approaching a problem.”

What’s been your most significant career highlight or a proud moment?
“A career highlight has been opening my own practice and creating a place that truly reflects my personality—and the doctor I would like to be. So every day is a proud moment!”

What do you love most about being a dermatologist?
“I love the ability to utilise my tools and training to make an instant difference for people. I love the scope of my work, the diversity of being able treat medical problems, perform surgery, use lasers and advise on skincare. I can completely control the direction of my career; being independent in my decisions and the type of practice I run.”

What does confidence mean to you?
“Confidence in yourself is knowing yourself well enough to just be you without worrying about what others think of you. Confidence in your craft is knowing the options and possibilities so well that you can make decisions without fear.”

Do you have a role model?
“I don’t have a specific role model but am inspired by many people who have influenced the path of my life and career. These include some of the dermatologists who trained me, my friends and colleagues, fellow mums. Each have made a mark and changed the way I think about life and my career.”

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt?
“That reconciling expectations is the key to success.”

And any words to live by?
“Home (and family) is where the heart is—and the most important thing to work towards. Do your absolute best at whatever do.”

Interview by Hélène Pappas