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My Favourite RATIONALE Product?

I’m often asked by journalists and editors to name my ‘hero’ RATIONALE product

I KNEW I’d get you with that headline!

I’m often asked by journalists and editors to name my ‘hero’ RATIONALE product but that’s equivalent to asking what type of exercise is best for a healthy body and mind. Or what single food will ensure a lifetime of good health.

The truth is, like food groups, I do not have a favourite ‘rock star’ product.

RATIONALE Essential Six shot by Steve Cordony

Each category in the RATIONALE Essential Six (Immune Boosters, Antioxidants, Solar Protection, Barrier Repair, pH Recalibration and DNA Repair) are vital. It’s like the ideal diet. What would happen if we ate one food group exclusively? (Well, we already have the answer to that one…look at the aftermath of the Pritikin, Paleo, Keto diet nightmares over the past few decades.)

For example, we know proteins are necessary for muscle development but if we consume too many proteins and not enough of the other food groups, physiological problems arise. Conversely, if we ignore necessary food groups, we create health issues. Yes…We ALL NEED CARBOHYDRATES! But we need them in balance with all of our necessary food groups.

It’s the same with skin.

We need ALL of the six skin food groups in the correct combinations and concentrations of nutrients in the right delivery systems to experience the optimal state of skin health—or Luminous Skin for Life. So it would be impossible to spotlight one product category as ‘the one.’ 

What I can say is that the starting point is invariably different for each person. If you have sensitivity, barrier issues, Immune Boosters will be your first port of call. If you are experiencing adult breakouts, pH recalibration will be your strategy of choice. The one area of skin health I am deeply passionate about, however, is environmental protection. 

RATIONALE Toorak Flagship Clinic

 RATIONALE Flagship Clinic

We are all born with a set of “skin genes” that determine what our skin may become.

But it’s the effect of the environment that determines whether our genes for acne, premature ageing, even skin cancer, are expressed. 

The sun is, of course, the skin’s best friend and worst enemy, so it’s critical to know your genetic potential for handling all of the sun’s energy (UV, Visible Light and Infrared radiation all play a part in skin health, disease and ageing). 

So I would have to say that understanding what your own skin needs in terms of environmental protection (which also includes pollution, thermal and hydration protection) is my primary consideration when I am advising a new Client on how to take the best care of their skin. 

Asking for a ‘favourite’ or ‘hero’ product is like asking what is the best exercise for health. Weights? Cardio? Flexibility? ALL are important, and choosing a starting point that aligns with where you are right now and where you want to go then formulating a comprehensive plan to incorporate and benefit from a holistic ‘fitness diet’ is the wisest strategy of all.

And so it is with skin.