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Fast Track your Journey to Skin Brilliance

Fast track your
journey to skin brilliance 

The fastest way to achieve the best skin possible is to use the right skincare products every day combined with regular targeted treatments designed to fast track your journey to skin brilliance. 

Don’t be fooled. These treatments are not the ‘steam and cream’ facials of old. Gone are the fluff and puff, the pan-flute music—and minimal pay-off, and in their place, a suite of futuristic Treatments employing professional-strength actives, ultrasound technology or LED light therapy (or all three), like those found within the walls of every RATIONALE Flagship Clinic.

Our luxe customisable Treatments work to supercharge the results of your Essential Six routine; an 80/20 approach to skincare that yields both deliver instant radiance and long-term luminosity. As Emily from our Woollahra Flagship Clinic explains, “You do most of the heavy lifting with your at-home prescription.”

RATIONALE Blue Light Therapy

Every morning, our skin needs immune boosters, antioxidants and environmental protection from the sun, pollution and dehydration. At night, we need to repair the skin’s protective barrier, rebalance surface pH to activate skin health enzymes, and repair DNA damage to skin cells.

A regime based on these principles using the correct ingredients at optimal concentrations, in skin identical formulations, will get you 80 per cent of the way to Luminous Skin for Life.  

“It’s this kind of daily dedication that allows me to achieve amplified results for you in Clinic,” says Emily.

That extra 20 per cent is found in monthly skin treatments designed to augment the radiance-boosting results of your daily Essential Six skincare routine.

“We really see the best results when we tailor a Client’s prescription to include in-Clinic Treatments every four weeks,” says Emily, who explains the significance of this rhythm: “it falls in line with the skin’s natural cell turnover rate to further optimise results.”

And an ongoing Treatment plan not only accelerates cellular change within the skin but can also be tailored to target specific skin concerns.

RATIONALE Treatment Room

“Where ageing or pigmentation is a concern, a regular EpiNova PhotoSonic Facial would be the ideal in-Clinic companion to your at-home Essential Six prescription,” explains Sarah Noonan, National Education manager. “The EpiNova is the most customisable of our Treatments and targets signs of environmental damage and pigmentation. It also employs powerful actives to rejuvenate and brighten skin, visibly improve skin texture and the look of fine lines.”

“For Clients with acneic or sensitized skin, a PhotoGenic Facial or Enzyme Reactivation Treatment is often prescribed to stabilise and strengthen skin,” says Sarah. “It’s even possible to spot treat with an enzyme treatment and incorporate the healing LED light. Our Clients love this as part of their skincare prep before a big event.”

Find your nearest RATIONALE Flagship Clinic to book your next Treatment and and fast track your way to Luminous Skin for Life, the most luxurious way how.