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The (Essential) Six Skin Food Groups

The (Essential) Six Skin Food Groups

So what is Topical Skin Nutrition?

Put simply, it’s the topical application all the essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients the skin needs for optimal health, vitality and luminosity, and debunks the myth that you can eat your way to good skin health.

So while it’s true that a balanced diet is vital in overall health and wellbeing, the nutrients you eat are absorbed by virtually every other organ before reaching the skin, making their skin-health benefits minimal at best. And as the skin is the last organ to obtain these vital nutrients, it’s also the last to display the signs of malnourishment.

This is evident in people who are undernourished but maintain a relatively healthy skin appearance, or conversely, people who eat well and exercise outdoors who have very poor quality skin as a result of sun damage (unless they use RATIONALE, of course!).

So the very best way to feed skin, is from the outside in.

RATIONALE Topical Skin Nutrition Pyramid

What are the six skin food groups?

We’ve identified six skin food groups that contain all of your skin’s recommended daily intakes for a healthier, stronger, more radiant complexion: the RATIONALE Essential Six.  

  1. Immunologist’s B-Group Vitamins that boosted immune health

  2. Antioxidants for defence against solar-induced free-radical damage

  3. SPF including Zinc and Melanin for full Solar Constant protection

  4. Intercellular Lipids and Ceramides (ProCeramide) for barrier function restoration and fortification

  5. Organic AHAs + BHAs via our Catalyst category for pH recalibration

  6. A Vitamin-A Complex and DNA Repair Enzymes for rejuvenation and solar repair

RATIONALE Essential Six shot by Pete Daly

The most efficient delivery system

The critical last step in creating youthful vitality and luminosity is ensuring we’re feeding the skin most efficiently via the best possible delivery system. RATIONALE’s isotropic (or Skin Identical) formulations are optimised for topical absorption and precise delivery of active ingredients to target tissues and cells to meet the skin’s unique nutritional requirements.

This is what sets RATIONALE apart from the rest.

Carefully calibrated at the correct concentrations, RATIONALE’s Skin Identical Essential Six formulations work synergistically with skin—and each other—to deliver healthy, Luminous Skin for Life.