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What's your skin story? (part three)

What's your skin story?
(part three)

The third part of our Luminary Skin Stories series introduces you to Lucinda Pitt, Olivia Bond and Samantha Powell.

Lucinda Pitt

Lucinda Pitt, 46. RATIONALE Client, 2 years.

Lucinda Pitt is no stranger to the world of skincare. Having been in the media and beauty worlds for over 20 years, the accomplished Communications and Brand Consultant has spent her career with her finger on the pulse of every skin, makeup and fragrance trend that has appeared on the runway, in the pages of your favourite glossy magazines and on the shelves of your go-to clinics and stores. 

“I've been lucky enough to try hundreds of brands and probably thousands of products,” says Lucinda, “but hand on heart, this is the brand I buy and use religiously.”

So, how did she strike gold through the haze of those many beauty brands? “[A couple of years ago] I started clocking people with this standout radiance,” the skincare sleuth shares, “and the common denominator was RATIONALE.”  

Not one to miss the boat (“who doesn’t want to look glowy?”), she followed up her detective work with an appointment. “I booked in for a DNArray Medical Consultation where they used various diagnostic tools to photograph and measure my skin quality and based on those results, designed me a bespoke treatment plan. I left with some samples to try and within days, I morphed into a legitimate (and way more radiant) super fan.”

“For the first time ever, I am entirely brand loyal. It delivers noticeable, real-time radiance that doesn’t just last for a day or two; you keep using it, you keep that glow and that soft, supple skin. I also love that they’re an Australian brand and they’re so focused on sun protection (the most important factor in anti-ageing).”

So what does her RATIONALE routine look like? “I am religious about using The Essential Six but have discovered some other faves,” she says. “I like to keep the ProCeramide Pre-Cleanse Oil in the shower and sometimes mix a few drops in with the ProCeramide Cleanser and leave it on my skin for a few minutes under the steam for a more thorough clean.”

Any other radiance-boosting tricks? “I can’t get enough of the amazing Immunologist Mask, usually first thing in the morning before a big work day when I need to represent. It just really dials up my glow and plumps out my skin. And in come the compliments...”

Olivia Bond

Olivia Bond, 33. RATIONALE Client, 3 years.

‘Luminosity’ and ‘radiance’ are two terms that Olivia Bond is very well versed in. After all, the Sydney-based gemmologist spends her days grading and valuing diamonds and gemstones, checking for brightness and clarity. That is, when she’s not running around after her two young daughters Sybella and Lulu.

But in the context of her own skin? Despite appearances, it wasn’t always so luminous and radiant. “During my first pregnancy with Lulu I had terrible problems with hormonal acne,” explains Olivia. “So to avoid a repeat of it, I knew I had to do something differently for my second pregnancy.”

That’s when Olivia turned to her (now) sister-in-law, Kate. “I had such good results with RATIONALE,” says Kate, “then I got everyone around me onto it.” That lucky circle of friends and family included Olivia. “I thought I’d give it a try,” Olivia says. “My skin was never better—even throughout all of the hormonal changes that pregnancy, breastfeeding and sleep deprivation throw at you. [Three years later] I haven’t looked back!”

As a firm believer in RATIONALE’s 80/20 rule (that is, 80 per cent of your skincare routine is the work you do at home, the other 20 per cent is like bootcamp—the in-clinic treatments), we asked Olivia to step us through her skincare rituals. “I religiously use the Essential Six morning and night, and go for monthly treatments at the Woollahra Flagship Clinic,” she says “I love the treatments because they are equally extremely relaxing and effective—there aren’t many out there that are both!”

As for other facets of her routine? “I also try to do an Immunologist Mask once a week or before a big event. I prioritise eyebrows as I think they are so important for looking groomed and the girls at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows look after me well. I also find a cheeky blow dry really lifts the spirits on a bad day!”

Samantha Powell

Samantha Powell, 47. RATIONALE Client, 7 years.

As one of Australia’s most sought after makeup artists, Samantha Powell spends a lot of time looking at a lot of faces. It’s a vantage point that’s afforded her to the ability to know good skin when she sees it.

“I had been working with a client who just had the most incredible skin,” she says. “I discovered they were using RATIONALE.”

That fortuitous discovery was made around the time of Sam’s 40th birthday, when she started on her own RATIONALE journey. “From the very first couple of days of using RATIONALE, my skin seemed to change dramatically,” she says. “It had a much more even appearance, felt super hydrated and had a glass-like quality.” Even more rewarding was the return of youthful bounce and radiance. “My skin had glow about it that I hadn’t seen in my skin for years; I felt that my skin was finally functioning optimally.”

Even more promising for the makeup artist was finally being able to break up with her foundation brush. “I really feel that makeup can be very ageing as we get older. And since starting RATIONALE, I have not had to wear any foundation at all; my skin looks so healthy—full and glowing and clear,” she says.

So what did make the cut in her beauty routine? “My routine is pretty simple these days,” Sam admits. “In the morning, I start by rinsing with warm water followed by cool water to wake me up. Then I use steps 1, 2 and 3 of the Essential Six: Immunologist Serum, Super Antioxidant Serum and PhotoDynamic Day Cream SPF15.”

A big fan of our Beautiful Boosters range, Sam’s ‘makeup’ then follows. “[I use] Beautiful Skin in C1, Beautiful Cheeks, Beautiful Light, a bit of mascara, lip gloss and then I’m out the door. During the day I top up with B3-T [Superfluid Sunscreen SPF50+].”

Spending much of her time buzzing between sets, shoots and clients, we asked Sam how she keeps her skin in check. “Once a week, I pop on the Immunologist Mask for a golden glow—it’s amazing! And once a month, I book in for an EpiNova Photosonic Facial to keep everything in shape.”

“You know the best piece of advice I’ve been given was by Halle Berry: ‘dare to grow old gracefully.’ I feel more beautiful in my own skin now than I ever did in my 20s and 30s. I feel like I’m literally ageing in reverse.”