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Like Mother Like Daughter: Nicole Bonython-Hines and Ava Matthews

Part Two

Nicole Bonython-Hines (fashion editor and stylist, mother of five) and Ava Matthews (marketing manager, RATIONALE)

Ava Matthews and Nicole Bonython-Hines

Despite the twinning flaxen hair and enviable bone structure, ‘like mother, like daughter’ is a phrase not commonly associated with Ava Matthews and Nicole Bonython-Hines. Take, for example, their style game. Sitting at opposite ends of the aesthetic spectrum, Nicole tends towards tailored Celine and Bassike pieces, while Ava wouldn’t look out of place in leopard print and a marabou trim—at 9am. A dynamic duo in the worlds of beauty and fashion, where they do find common ground is in a shared predilection for a little “bedazzling” and love for RATIONALE—Ava is, after all, the brand’s marketing manager and Nicole uses it “religiously,” she admits. Here, the mother-daughter duo opens up about their relationship—and the one thing they’ll always agree on (hint: you’ll be rethinking your lighting scheme). 

RATIONALE: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your mum?

NBH: (laughs) “Hmm…I can only think of the funny ones! Mum said, ‘never stand under a down light.’ Other advice, gosh, in terms of skin, she was terrible. I didn’t learn anything from her; she would go to bed with a full face of makeup on!”

AM: “Mum said to always be dependable—you’re only as good as your word. Don’t touch your eyebrows. Oh, and never sit or stand under down lighting!”

NBH: “As Ava will probably tell you, I’m always on her case about something! I think that’s your role as a mother. Something happened the other day and I said, ‘well, if I can’t say it to you, nobody else is going to and somebody needs to, so it may as well be me’.”

R: Ava, how would you describe your mum in three words?

AM: “Honest, loyal, organised.”

NBH: “My mother was very brutally honest. That’s definitely something I’ve inherited. I think I can curb my honesty a little better these days but yeah, a lot of what I think comes straight out.” (laughs)

AM: “I think also inherited our honesty. I wish I had Mum’s ability to do things like perfectly make a bed, sew, decorate a house, and her neatness.”

NBH: “I’m a bit of a neat freak…I’m always hounding [my children] about that!”

Nicole Bonython-Hines

R: You’re both stylish women, how much of that was passed on?

AM: “We are polar opposites; Mum calls me the ‘Vegas’ version of her. I think the only similarities are that we both love a bit of bedazzling.”

NBH: “Ava takes more after her grandmother than me. Mum was very glamorous and always wore makeup and was always clothes and jewellery, you know, the whole thing. She was much more spontaneously stylish than me; I’m much more considered.”

R: What about each other are you most proud of?

NBH: “I’m very proud of Ava, she is very strong in herself, which I think is such a great thing to be…much harder to have been in my era but, you know, I would say I was stronger than most. I just think that Ava is much more sure of herself. She is very charming and she’s polite and she’s clever. You know, I think the fact that she has so many people who adore her is testimony to what a great kid—adult—she’s turned into.

AM: “Mum is just amazing; she just never stops. She’s tireless and is willing to do anything to help the people she loves. She’s also pretty darn fabulous all around—I’m proud (and jealous!) of that.”