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Sunscreens that Heal

Daily Sunscreen use Protects + Rejuvenates

A study published in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery has confirmed what we’ve known at RATIONALE for a quarter of a century: that daily sunscreen use not only protects but also rejuvenates the skin.

Previously, the medical community agreed that solar filters offered the best protection from UV rays that damage DNA, leading to premature ageing and skin cancer.

Common wisdom also dictated that sunscreens only needed to be applied when there was a risk of burning – at the beach or playing sport in the summer sun.

But 25 years ago, when I began working in medical dermatology, we knew better… 

A small but highly educated group of doctors, nurses and clients were aware that the sun’s energy had a dark side, one that was harmful to the skin, making daily sunscreen (at least on the face) mandatory to maintain a healthy, clear, youthful complexion. 

RATIONALE Solar Authority

One of my first tasks as a dermatologic formulator was to create a range of sunscreens based on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that filtered out the entire UV spectrum. They were simple but very effective. We had to tint them to overcome the whitening effect. (Technology has advanced greatly in this area, and today our mineral sunscreens are invisible on the skin).

Our loyal clients wore these early prototypes every day, regardless of season, year in and year out. 

Over time, I began to observe that not only were this group presenting with less photodamage and skin cancer (no surprise), but that their skin was actually improving over time. Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation were all diminished with sunscreen use alone (BIG surprise).

I filed this away in my mind, attributing these improvements to the skin’s remarkable ability to heal itself over time if the source of DNA damage (the sun) was neutralised.

Ten years later, around the turn of the century, evidence began pouring in that UV filters were not enough to offer complete sun protection.

The skin has its own immune, antioxidant, connective tissue and pigmentary systems, and these, it appeared, were damaged not only by UV, but also by Visible Light and Infrared radiation. (The sun’s e energy is made up of approximately 50% Visible Light, 43% Infrared and only 7% UV radiation). 

Sunscreens (including zinc and titania) are only effective in the UV spectra.

I knew a more comprehensive approach to solar protection and repair was needed. One that protected and repaired beyond UV, utilising ingredients that were immune protective, antioxidant, barrier and pH restorative, and also capable of stimulating innate DNA repair processes.

Thus was the RATIONALE Essential Six born.

Our daytime regime offers the world’s most comprehensive, synergistic approach to complete Solar Constant protection, which now includes built-in pollution defences. This potent combination rejuvenates as it protects.

At night, skin barrier is reinforced, vitality and radiance enzymes are reactivated and DNA repair processes are initiated to reinforce overnight regeneration.

It is with great pride that I look at our world-leading sunscreens, a critical part of The Essential Six, and realise that our clients have had a quarter of a century head start.

Protection that rejuvenates. 

Sunscreens that heal.