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Mission Wedding Glow

Achieve the Perfect
Wedding Glow in Four Steps

I’ve always been a skincare sceptic. I find the industry completely overwhelming. The sea of packaging, claims and indecipherable ingredients boggle my mind. I’ve always bought products because they feel nice, or because they’re at a price point that suits me, or, more often than not, because I’ve been given them for free (my last job was as an editor at a fashion and beauty magazine).

My skin has never really given me enough grief to get serious. I’ve never had breakouts or scarring. But I’ve always had rough, rosy cheeks and a dry, dull complexion. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been disguising these scarlet circles with lashings of foundation. I never gave much thought to the fact that this clogged and suffocated my skin, or the fact that foundation can’t disguise texture. My skin, I thought, was genetically this way, and there’s no changing one’s genes. Covering up was the solution, I thought. And as an adult, I welcomed a whole cult of evil pigmentation spots and foundation was my answer to them too. On top of this, my skin has always been dry and prone to crow’s feet, but I’ve always thought, “c’est la vie” some people have dry, lined skin. I probably need to drink more water. So that’s what I did. 
My apathy lapsed when I began planning my wedding last year. If I was spending so much on the frock, the party and the photographer, it seemed only right to focus on my face. I didn’t want to have to smother my face in foundation on the day because a) that caked look isn’t pretty, and b) because it was summer (hot, hot hot!) and I wanted to make sure my skin could breathe. 

RATIONALE Bride Maddie

I was introduced to RATIONALE by a friend and accumulated the Essential Six over a couple of months. Morning applications of 1, 2 and 3 gave my face a dewy, luminous glow and calmed my redness. For the first time in about 10 years, I stopped using foundation every day. I became addicted to number 5, with its satisfying Hydroxy Acid tingle. I think that I avoided any semblance of a blemish in the 8-month lead up to the wedding because of number 5. I was initially sceptical about number 6, as it didn’t feel as hydrating or nourishing as the night creams I’d used in the past. But I realised I’d never used face creams with active ingredients (Vitamin A, for example). I’d been using creams that were full of oils and full of water, which feel nice for the first few minutes but are entirely ineffective. With nightly use of the DNA Night Cream, my pigmentation spots receded, as did my wrinkles.
But what really blew my mind were the treatments I had at the RATIONALE Woollahra Clinic. I’ve had hundreds of facials at hotels and day spas. They’ve all felt nice and done nothing. I usually go straight home to smother my naked face in make up so I can face the world again. But the RATIONALE facials are a different breed. 
I told my therapist, Emily, that I was keen to get my face in shape for my wedding day, and she came up with a comprehensive programme of three tailored treatments to get me that elusive glow.

RATIONALE Bride Maddie

5 Months Before Wedding, we started the programme with a Photogenic Facial. Emily did a gommage – a mask which smoothed my skin’s rough texture and softened my pores, a customised Vitamin  infusion which tackled my dehydration, and a customised mask to boost immunity and deeply hydrate. The treatment included ten minutes under flaw-busting LED light. Em explained that this stimulates collagen and elastin and repairs and hydrates. It enhanced my skin’s tone, luminosity, and texture.
Eight weeks later I had an Enzyme Reactivation Treatment. In addition to cleansing and facial massage, Em prescribed an Ezyme Reactivator (Lactic Acid) that was suitable for my skin at that point in time to boost cellular turnover. This targeted my encroaching pigmentation and gave my skin amazing luminosity, while Salicylic was applied to my T zone which dramatically reduced the size of my pores.
My final treatment was an Epinova Photosonic Facial, and Em saved the best for last. I had this 90-minute extravaganza a few weeks before the wedding (but I would recommend getting it at most a week before because the short-term results are insanely good). This targeted my lines, pores and skin texture. Again, Em did a gommage, an Enzyme Reactivator application, but she added in a multivitamin oil infusion, which nourished and brightened my skin, and an intense hydration mask. This facial also included an ultrasonic treatment, where Em used heat and sound waves to activate my skin’s collagen and elastin. After a firm massage and ten minutes under the LED light, my face looked essentially airbrushed. I could barely see pigmentation, my pores were non-existent, and my skin glowed as if I’d just shaved ten years off. This treatment yielded the most dramatic results of the three I had. It’s seriously worth it.  
Before I started using these products and having regular treatments, no one had ever asked me what I use on my skin. But I started getting asked ALL THE TIME. The most ubiquitous compliment was my skin’s radiance and luminosity. 
As for the wedding day, it was phenomenal. I used my ProCeramide Cleanser 20 minutes before I was due to get my make up done. Emily had recommended I leave the cleanser on my face as a gentle mask, which helped keep my skin plump and soft in the lead up. My make up artist then used my 1, 2 and 3 to prep my skin before she applied minimal (emphasis on minimal) foundation.
Skincare scepticism is so 2017. At least for me.

Written by Maddie Louise.

Wedding photography by Alice Mahran.