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The Pregnancy Glow

Amplified by RATIONALE

At least once a week we receive a call or an email from clients concerned about skincare active ingredients during pregnancy.

It's such an anxiety laden issue and one fraught with enormous confusion and misinformation.

With all the wonderful things that pregnancy can bring, fluctuating hormones can cause changes in your skin. Your concerns may range from increased breakouts, skin dryness, sensitivity and pigmentation throughout and beyond your pregnancy.

So how do we help an expectant mother with these skin concerns? And how do we continue to deliver Luminous Skin for Life?

Firstly, empowering them with education.

Dani Bonnor Pregnancy with RATIONALE Skincare

Image above: Client Dani Bonnor has been using RATIONALE for two years, maintaining her complexion with a targeted RATIONALE skincare and treatment plan, even during her first pregnancy.

We are often asked about the safety of products containing Vitamin A, Salicylic Acid and Sunscreen Actives during pregnancy. We have broken down these three elements below:


While prescription Tretinoin + Isotretinoin must be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Retinol and its esters (derivatives of Vitamin A) are considered safe forms for topical use while pregnant in low doses. RATIONALE uses safe and gentle complex of Vitamin A in our formulations. These formulations deliver nightly skin rejuvenation benefits which can be enjoyed throughout your pregnancy.


Salicylic Acid is a superior skin-refining active used to reduce congestion and inflammation in the skin. Applied topically, it is widely considered safe to use when pregnant and breastfeeding. Hydroxy Acids assist in recalibrating skin pH to youthful acidity, amplifying that pregnancy glow.


Daily sunscreen use is strongly recommended by Dermatologists at every stage of life. If you find your skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, consider using sunscreens with gentle mineral actives such as Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, as found in our RATIONALE solar protection formulations.

Secondly, our advice is to speak to a RATIONALE Skin Consultant about the changes in your skin and your current skin regime and how best to move forward with a solid plan. RATIONALE Skin Consultants will be able to advice on these four main concerns for expectant mothers.


We usually recommend Hydroxy Acids at night to unclog pores and restore healthy skin pH, combined with B-Group Vitamins every morning to calm the skin and regulate sebaceous activity. Sunscreen during the day is always a must.


To alleviate dryness, we recommend a multi-vitamin day cream to strengthen and replenish skin barrier. Sunscreen during the day boosted with Antioxidants will help nourish dehydrated skin. A Vitamin A complex with DNA Repair Enzymes nightly will stimulate collagen for supple skin.


Cleansing at night with a gentle Ceramide and Lipid based cleanser will soothe reactive skin. Boost your skin’s immunity with a complex of B-Group Vitamins. Sunscreen during the day is essential in defending sensitive skin against the sun.


To combat pigmentation, an Antioxidant complex is essential for brightening skin tone and B-Group Vitamins will assist with suppressing pigmentation. Don't forget to layer your sun protection during the day. Hydroxy Acids at night will help fade superficial pigment.

PS. We always recommend consulting your doctor about your skincare regime as part of your decision-making process during pregnancy and breastfeeding.